The Best Guide to Evaluate Health Benefits of Instant Coffee vs Filter Coffee 

Coffee brings some sweet, roasted and unforgetful memories back in life. The health benefits make it a popular choice at home, office and away. People prefer carrying a favourite coffee brand along. They know it’s not possible to find the same taste, the same feeling drinking something else. They know the reasons why they love coffee. The last thing you can expect is to try a different brand without being forced or opted out of the favorite option. The popularity of instant coffee underlines the importance of coffee drinking culture. Instant coffee has become a lifestyle product for all the right reasons.

The benefits of instant coffee and filter coffee are well known. The question of selecting instant coffee or filter coffee is made taking one’s lifestyle into account. These are two different types of coffee meant to serve specific purposes. We can lose focus and direction by comparing one’s benefits with another’s limitations. It wouldn’t help the cause and make things complicated for life. We need to know about the benefits of instant and filter coffee and make a decision based on it. You can visit to know how coffee is helping people to live a healthy and balanced life. Coffee continues to surprise us with its health properties. We need to keep a close eye to know what’s interesting is happening in the world of coffee. You can read the company blog to become the family expert on coffee.

We should look at different aspects, life stages of instant coffee to develop a fact-based understanding of the subject.

How instant coffee got its name, production stage and common myths

The whole life cycle from preparation technique, weight, accessibility to the lower environmental footprint worked towards the branding. Instant coffee is a powder-based beverage prepared with hot water. All you require is a cup of hot water and instant coffee to get back the energy.

Instant coffee is as pure as you could imagine. Contrary to popular belief, it has got no extra ingredient apart from coffee beans. The taste differs because that’s the choice you’ve made. Instant coffee compliments the urban lifestyle.

The biggest mistake we could make is to put instant coffee in contention with filter coffee. The comparison doesn’t exist, except at a superficial level.

The Manufacturing Stages of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is made either by freeze-drying or spray drying.

  1. The freeze-drying method is considered a common choice. It produces high-quality powder in comparison to spray drying. The process involves the freezing, breaking of coffee extract into granules. The next step is to remove the water vapour in the condensation process. The water expands ten folds to its original volume. It is a crucial stage of production.
  2. Spray drying is economical to freeze-drying. They can produce a large scale batch with shorter drying time. Hot air dries the coffee extract, turns it into powder.

At a user level, we don’t need to know about these things to make the right decision. The information might come handy to avoid doubts or misunderstanding people usually have about it. Both freeze-drying and spray drying preserve the original taste of coffee beans.

Little Known Health Facts about Instant Coffee

  1. a) Instant coffee has several health benefits the other preparation methods fail to deliver. Instant coffee offers higher antioxidant activity than traditional brewing methods. We all know the kind of role antioxidants play in keeping us healthy and fit.
  2. b) Instant coffee doesn’t dehydrate at all.
  3. c) Experts suggest drinking instant coffee dark (without milk).

Instant Coffee Offers Caffeine Advantage:

Instant coffee has got slightly less caffeine in it. It is an immediate benefit of shifting from traditional coffee brewing practices. Does it mean we can drink more? You should look at it as a reward. You don’t have to cut down on coffee intake and yet caffeine quantity gets reduced every time you hold a cup in hands. It’s a healthy habit. People looking to start drinking coffee should try instant coffee first. It would help them to develop taste.

Presence and Prospect of Acrylamide in Coffee:

Health experts know what Acrylamide is and what role it plays. High fried food items such as french fries and potato chips have got Acrylamide in it. The usage of the chemical isn’t limited to food alone. A closer study would find its presence in the household and personal care products. The reason why we’re talking about Acrylamide is because of its presence in coffee and instant coffee, in particular. Instant coffee has twice the amount of Acrylamide to regular roasted coffee.

The health risks posed by Acrylamide are severe. It may affect the nervous system, cause cancer. As a coffee lover, you need to know food or coffee contains far less amount or quantity. You don’t have to hit the alarm button at the presence of Acrylamide in food and coffee. It was important to talk about it given the kind of negative attention things would have drawn in the absence of not knowing or not being informed.

Health Benefits of Instant Coffee:

1) You can expect the brain to work at the optimal level.

2) Your mental health gets a boost to ward off stress, depression.

3) You’ve got more chances to burn fat, stay healthy.

4) Your chances of developing type 2 diabetes are lesser to someone who doesn’t drink coffee.

People who drink coffee daily have more chances of enjoying a healthier life against diseases. These are observational studies in nature. You can enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee by controlling or maintaining the daily consumption.

We know instant coffee offers a lot of benefits we get from a freshly brewed cup of coffee. We can go ahead and put advantages and limitations in opposite corners.

Instant coffee is convenient, cheap, less caffeine quantity and carried along wherever we go. We compensate upon taste, caffeine value and knowledge of higher Acrylamide quantity.

The decision is upon us. We don’t have to pick between instant coffee and filter coffee.


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