How to Find the Best Licensed Moneylender in Singapore (Cash Mart)

For many decades, people have been borrowing money for their needs from banks and financial institutions. As the demand for loans increased, more options are offered by various lending companies. Gone are the times when you only go to banks when you need a high loan amount for your business. Nowadays, even licensed money lenders can do that in less time and fewer requirements.

When you search online, you will discover various moneylenders with different loan solutions for specific purposes such as student loans, wedding loans, bridging loans, engagement loans, and renovation loans. And while some moneylenders are legal, others are pretentious loan sharks who always look for unsuspecting victims.

In order to find the good money lender, make sure to check out the interest rate. If you get a loan from a licensed money lender, you can expect the interest rates to be more competitive and reasonable. The government even mandates that the interest rates should not be higher than 4 percent.

So, before going to get money from moneylenders, make sure to know about these things and follow further to borrow money.

How to find moneylenders are genuine?

How will you know if you are dealing with a genuine licensed money lender? You have to check the list of moneylenders. These are listed by the Registry of Moneylenders so the public may know which lenders are legal and which had revokes licenses. The list is regularly updated.

Add to that, you have to be mindful of how the lenders process your loan applications. While you can apply online for a pre-approval, you have to personally visit the lender’s office to sign the loan contract in person. This is to make sure that you understand all the terms of the agreement.

In fact, you should be surprised is the loan application is too easy with no requirement. A money lender is mandated too to conduct due process for every application they receive. This is to ensure that the borrower has the means to pay for the loan. They must also make sure that the loan amount is not too much for the borrower to handle.

So, before going to sign any documents, it is always essential for you to find some of the good moneylenders who are available to check out. Based on the rightful money lenders, you can go ahead and follow the loan agreement.

In case, if you are struggling to find the right money lenders, then you can visit the websites which are available across the internet. Make sure to go through the loan agreement from top to bottom. If you get money from moneylenders, then it is important for you to pay back at right time without making any delay.

Choose best moneylenders

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