How Sous Vide Cooking Can Make You Healthy

There are countless reasons why you should have a sous vide machine in your home today. The machine, also known as immersion calculator, can make cooking more fun and simpler, quicker and efficient and deliver consistent results in the food you cook. Sous vide machine takes a small space of your kitchen and can handle several tasks in one unit at the same time. In this post, we will focus on the health benefits of sous vide cooking in particular. A sous vide machine can be a handy tool if you want to eat healthier foods by avoiding unwanted fats and harmful calories. In case, you need to buy one so that you are not left out of the get-health-wagon, this sous vide machine review should help you to get started.

With sous vide machine, you get to cook food at the right temperatures and hence get the desired cooking results for yourself.

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Sous vide is French word meaning “under vacuum”. This is because; you have to put the food in a vacuum sealed plastic when sous vide cooking. The cooking process involves selecting the right temperature for every type of food over a given period of time.

The sous vide machine ensures even distribution of temperature all the way through the cooking process.

Here is how sous vide cooking can make you healthy:

  1. Less or No Fat is Required

Normally, adding extra fats or oil and salts is just standard. Fat is meant to keep food from sticking to the cooking surface while salt is meant to add flavor. Well, of course, these two reasons will make you want to add fat and salt in your food, right?

But did you know fats and oils can be harmful to your health? Too much fat increases the calorie count and cholesterol in your body which leads to heart diseases. With sous vide cooking; you may add only a small amount of fats and salts and you may even not add all.

Well, most people make the mistake of adding too much fat when vacuum sealing ingredients but that results in unhealthier cooking. So, less or no fat and salts at all.

  1. Nutrients are Reserved

You must be aware of how beneficial are nutrients to our well-being. Nutrients give us more energy and boost our immune system and keep us safe from diseases. With other traditional methods of cooking, all the nutrients are spoilt or destroyed during the cooking process.

In fact, other cooking methods where food is exposed to heat, water, and oxygen, lots of nutrients are lost and these nutrients are helpful for the body.

For example, delicate important nutrients are destroyed when meat is cooked to high temperatures and soluble nutrients evaporate at the same time.

However, with sous vide cooking, you vacuum seal all the ingredients first before you start the cooking process. This way, the food is not exposed to water, oxygen, and heat is regulated. This keeps the healthy vitamins and minerals intact within the food.

  1. No More Undercooking and Overcooking

When frying food on a frying pan, you will need to supervise the cooking process to ensure it evenly cooked. This way, there are chances of undercooking or overcooking the food.

One of the greatest things about sous vide cooking is that, unlike what people may think, it’s the safest cooking method than the traditional ones. The sous vide machine has computer controls so you can select the right temperature and timing. This way, you can expect perfectly cooked food with minimal or no supervision at all.

Heat is distributed evenly at the right temperatures and any harmful bacteria killed off. Afterward, you can sear and then serve the food.

Sous Vide is Naturally Healthier

The sous vide cooking method is generally healthier. Health wise, your body is kept safe from unnecessary fats and oils that are usually added to keep foods from sticking to the cooking surface.

Also, sous vide cooking prevents nutrients from being lost or destroyed, so you rest assured to eat food that supplies your body with energy- food is vacuum sealed in a plastic bag.

On top of that, food is cooked at the right temperatures which minimize chances of undercooking or overcooking and all this leaves you with food packed with more nutrients. The food you eat is also easily digested into the body and hence boosting the absorption of food.

To wrap it up, enjoy delicious and healthy food with sous vide cooking!!