Causes and Infertility Complications in Men and Women

When it comes to infertility, the path is not so clear. Even today, medical science has certain assumptions based on the tests done to ascertain sperm count and vaginal health along with the lifestyle of an individual, there is no strong evidence on the real cause which we can pinpoint and tell the individual that this is the reason which has caused you the infertility problem.

Male and female are affected by infertility in completely different ways. Male infertility cannot be related to female infertility as right from the hormones to the cells, everything is different. In fact, some experts argue that there is nothing called as female infertility but there are only gynecological complications in women which may affect conception and this is always reversible. This is the reason why science has come up with artificial insemination methods which are actually solving the male infertility problem by artificially making the women conceive.

Any best IVF treatment centers in Chandigarh or any other city you belong to, they will focus on the male fertility health first as 80% of the times it is the male who is infertile.

Let us see some of the complications and causes of male and female infertility:

Causes of male and female infertility:

  1. The primary reason and also the most common reason told by some of the doctors in few best IVF clinics in Gurgaon is lifestyle and habits. This is true to a larger extent as we found from analyzing the lifestyle of men who are diagnosed with infertility. No weight control or obesity, drinking and smoking are some of the common reasons. In fact, all three conditions are increasing in the present period.
  2. Age is an important factor. In men, fertility health decreases with age. In women, the vaginal health will decrease with age this will cause a lot of problems like miscarriages and so on. Late marriages are a trend in today’s world as people give utmost priority to career and settlement in life. This trend was initially followed by the celebrities for whom the purpose marriage was not really felt. They started marrying in their early 40s and opt for IVF or surrogacy.
  3. A genetic disorder can sometimes cause infertility in both men and women. When this happens, there is no reverse and artificial insemination is the way male and surrogacy is the way for females.
  4. Accidents can cause a lot of damage to our infertility and this again is irreversible.

There are a lot of advanced treatments that are available in almost every city in India and all you have to do is to find the right fertility hospital and get yourself admitted in the hands of the doctors who will provide you the best care.