5 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Men

The men’s braids are relatively new stylish hairstyles that became popular in recent years. These top knots are usually called “cornrows”. The tendency to have longer hair gave way to braid hairstyles for celebrities, hipsters, sportsmen, and many other groups. A variety of hairstyling techniques for men allow anyone to put together a lookbook suited for the face and for the lifestyle. Not always such hairstyles look wildly or intimidatingly. Soon, it will become a routine to see a businessman with braids.


Today, the movie and music industry, fashion podiums, and social networks granted the popularity to men’s braids. Many stylists claim that men’s braids will soon displace brutal beards and become a new symbol of masculinity. The men with medium or long hair usually find it difficult to have a dynamic way of life or practice sports. In this way, braided hairstyles became a trendy way to hold their hair back.

In the hairstyling centers, boys and men are offered not only variations a la garcon style but also extravagant images in the Viking trend. The men’s braid styles are common for men from the black community and they are a cute hair trend influenced by ancient heritage as well.

Types of Cute Braids for Men

A braided hairstyle is selected according to the length, type, and thickness of hair. Such hair does not need to be washed and combed every day. The boys’ faces with triangle, square, and diamond shapes are suited the best way for braids. Braided styles are created by taking hair locks and weaving them together in new patterns.


Most of such hairstyles, including weaving and coloring, can only be done in the specialized salons. The most complex versions of hairstyles with braids are made during several hours. Comparing to the women’s hairdos, the variety of men’s braided hairstyles is not so big and they do not always require long hair.

1. French Braids

French braid is one of the most popular white boy hairstyles. It is simple in its performance. During many years, men considered French braids and buns as a women’s domain, but braided hairstyles even with coloring became socially acceptable for men as well.


To make this braid, it is enough to have hair of medium length. Stylists take hold of the hair locks at the very roots and interlace them with each other. Hair can be held in the occipital or parietal part of the head. This hair styling can be kept on the head for up to one week.

2. Boxing Braids

Boxing braids are usually made with tight African hair, which is waived right over the head. In order to make the weave stronger, the special filaments are used in the locks of hair, which can match the hair shade or contrast with the natural color of hair. Often, athletes have boxing braids, since such a hairstyle retains its neat appearance for a long time.


The hair can be waived in different directions. Stylists often create bizarre patterns on their heads with the help of this kind of weaving. Strands can be twisted along the entire hair length or fixed on the back of the head. Such a hairstyle keeps its presentable appearance for several weeks. The head can be washed no more often than once a week. To make this hairstyle, it is enough to have hair longer than 4 inches.

3. African Braids

These black boy braids are one of the men’s braids options. Usually, filaments are used for this hairstyle to greatly extend the hair length. These filaments give the hairdo an extravagant look. It is not difficult to take care of such a hairstyle, just wash your hair with shampoo once a week.


4. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are the most radical kind of braids, the popularity of which was brought by Bob Marley, the famous Jamaican musician.


This hairstyle fits boys with long hair. There are two types of dreadlocks. The “dangerous” dreadlocks are made with the own hair length and it is cut off then. To create the “safe” dreadlocks, artificial filaments are used. The threads of different colors allow creating a unique image. After a certain time, filaments are easily removed.

In contrast to other kinds of braids, dreadlocks require more thorough care. The hair should not be washed in the first month after this hairdo. Also, a man will need to wave the knuckles. It will allow having the hairstyle long enough.

5. Braids with Beards

Men look flashy with braids. It may seem that the beard is superfluous here. However, the right beard on the face will only emphasize the masculinity and reasonable boldness of the image. The stubble and light unshaven cheeks give a little grunge to the man’s appearance.


Men’s braids hairstyles are good for thick and long hair. Such hairstyles fit very much young creative men. Sometimes, it is a tribute paid to fashion or the desire to stand out from the crowd. In fact, braids give a man with long hair a neater and well-groomed appearance. The neat geometric braids on the head with different patterns look spectacular, fresh, and interesting. Those who dream of a similar hairstyle are advised first to communicate with experts since it will change the hair care habits. Do not forget about proper care and this extravagant hairdo will always look stylish and modern.