The Pros and Cons of Colored Lenses

On the fence about colored lenses? Read the pros and cons of wearing colored lenses and make up your mind.

But first, let us clear up some myths.

  1. Colored lenses are not safe

Colored lenses are absolutely safe, The risk involved is the same as wearing normal lenses.

  1. Colored lenses do not require a prescription

All lenses are medical devices, even colored ones. So, you do need a prescription for colored lenses. Be wary of companies that try to sell you colored lenses without one.

  1. Colored lenses are only for cosmetic purposes

Colored lenses can be worn by people who have an issue with their vision as well as those looking to alter their appearance. In fact, several athletes also use colored lenses to enhance their visual performance. For instance, green tinted lenses help tennis players see the ball better.

4. Non-prescription colored lenses can be shared

No. Just like regular lenses, colored lenses are not meant to be worn by more than one person. Doing so can cause infections, blurred vision, itchiness and more.

Now that you know all of this, let’s look at the pros and cons of colored contact lenses

Cons of contact lenses:

  1. Colored contacts can cause infections with improper use

Since most people forget that colored lenses are also medical devices that require standard upkeep and maintenance, they are often cavalier when it comes to handling these lenses. This can lead to infections which can take a serious turn. In case you experience any uncomfortable sensation, immediately remove the lenses and see a doctor.

  1. Wrong colored contacts don’t give you desired results

If you have dark eyes and you use light colored lenses, you may not see a major transformation. Also, if the color doesn’t suit you, you may not achieve the look you were going for in the first place. Always do a trial run before deciding which colored lenses to buy.

  1. Colored contacts improperly fitted

If you decide to pay no heed to caution and purchase colored lenses without consulting an optometrist, you may experience extreme discomfort while wearing these lenses.

Pros of colored lenses:

  1. You can experiment with your looks

Colored lenses offer you a chance to experiment with your looks and transform your appearance whether it is for a special occasion or on a daily basis.

  1. Colored lenses can be worn by anyone

Whether you have vision impairment or not, you can buy colored lenses. For people with vision problems, this serves as a dual purpose. Not only is your eyesight restored, but you can also change the way you look.

  1. Colored lenses can increase your athletic abilities

Even athletes use colored lenses to enhance their game by using custom colored tints.

  1. Lots of colors to choose from

Colored contacts are not monochromatic. They mimic the tints and undertones seen in natural irises and there is a lot to choose from. Natural lenses like the Bella Midnight Blue collection help you transform your look without letting people know that it is not your natural eye color. Better yet, the Bella Glow lenses also offer protection from UV rays.

  1. Customizable colors

If you’re in the market for natural lenses, try the Hidrocor Rio. The Hidrocor Rio collection has more colors than ever before to choose from and give you that look that you’ve always wanted.