Where Can I Order Weight Loss Medication in the U.K.?

Being regarded as obese or overweight is something most of us dreaded. The is a stigma attached to being obese that we all want to avoid. To help trim down or stay in shape, there are many anti-obesity or weight loss medications available at your disposal. This article contains what you need to know about ordering weight loss medications in the United Kingdom.

Is it Legal to Order Weight Loss Medication in the U.K.?

Yes, it is legal to order weight loss medications in the U.K. However, to get a weight loss medication, you would need to get a prescription before you can purchase a weight loss medication.

Which Weight Medication Can I Order in the U.K.?

The National Health Service (NHS) has approved five medications for the long-term treatment weight loss. They are generic drugs, this means you would find more than five branded medicinesfor weight loss in drug stores. The following medicationscan be ordered online in the U.K.


Orlistat is both the name of an anti-obesity medication and the active ingredient in most weight loss tablets Orlistat. It is a generic drug and is available on almost every drug store.

GP’s would prescribe Orlistat for people considered obese (people who have a BMI – Body Mass Index that exceeds 30). Orlistat helps you lose weight by preventing around 30 – 40 percent of the fat contained in your meals from being digested.


This drug is a branded form of Orlistat. Xenical contains about the same amount of the active ingredient (120 mg of orlistat) as the unbranded drug. This means that Xenical works the same way as Orlistat does, preventing a third of dietary fat from being digested.

The significantdifference, however, isthe inactive ingredients contained in Xenical which are absent in Orlistat. These inactive ingredients include traces of vitamins, several minerals, and other substances which makes the drug easier on the stomach.


You can also find this drug at onlinedrug stores under the name Belviq. A groupof medicationsknown as serotonin receptor agonists. This drug works similarly as Liraglutide. When taken, it affects the part of the brain that helps control your appetite, thus, making you feel full after eating an amount of food smaller than your usual quantity.


This is a combination of two different drugs. Phentermine and topiramate. It is usually prescribed when more common treatments for weight loss have failed. Osymia works by reducing your appetite. This medication causes you to feel full for more extendedperiods.

XLS Medical

The drug works like Orlistat but contains a different active ingredient.  Litramine,a naturalfiber, is the activeingredient contained in this drug. XLS Medical binds fat and prevents approximately 27 percent of the fat in your diet from being absorbed into the body. The undigested leaves the body naturally through normal bowel movement.


Initiallydeveloped for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, Liraglutide is now being used as a weight loss treatment. Similar to Osymia, this specific medication works by reducing your appetite. It is available as an injection.


This diet pill contains the same active ingredient as Orlistat, only at a lower dose (60mg). This meansthat it works the same way Orlistat and Xenical work. If Alli is prescribed to you, you would need to follow a low-calorie and a low-fat diet to get the most out of it. Alli is also the only long-term weight loss drug that can be prescribed for individuals younger than 18.

These and more have been approved by the NHS  for long-term usage by people looking to lose weight. If you get any of these prescriptions, you can use them as long as you record weight loss with mild or no side effects. If you notice any severe side effect threating to alter your normal daily routine, we recommend that you contact your doctor for a change of prescription.

Where Can I Order Weight Loss Medication in the U.K.?

The United Kingdom has one of the biggest online pharmacy industries in the world, with many online registered companies that you can order weight loss medication from. Below are some recommended pharmacies where you can easily order your weight loss medication.


Pharmica offers an easy and efficient way to order genuineweight loss medications. You would find major brands of weightloss medications at this online pharmacy, andthere are great Pharmica General Practitioners available to help with your prescription and questions. And, the online consultancy is also free.

All you need do is register, proceed to complete a free medical questionnaire. The GPs would evaluate your questionnaireand prescribe the best medication for you. After this, you can continueto order a medication on Pharmica

Simple Online Pharmacy

This is a registered online pharmacy that tries to make ordering medicines as simple as possible. SimpleOnline Pharmacy offers a range of medications for weight loss, andit also providesonline doctor consultancy which would determine the best prescription for you.

Med Express

MedExpress is equally an excellentonline drug store to order original weightloss medications in the U.K. The procedure to requesta medicine at MedExpress is very similar to that of Pharmica.

To order a medication,you would need to select your preferred treatment or medication, then proceed to complete a free online medical questionnaire. After a GP reviews your questionnaire, you would be given one or several prescriptionswhich you can order.

How Can I Order a Weight Loss Medication in the U.K.?

To order a weight loss medication, you would need to complete an online medical questionnaire or have an online consultancy. You should visit the list of recommended online pharmacies above.

It is absolutely essential that you order your weight loss medication only on prescription. The reason is that someof these drugs can be hazardous when taken by some people. Which people should not be given weight loss medications.

  • Individuals with BMI less than 30 (except prescribed by a specialist for individuals with a weight-related medical condition)
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. This is because the drug can affect the development of children and fat is a constituent of breast milk.
  • Individuals who areyounger than 18 (Only Alli should be taken by individuals younger than 18).
  • A person who suffers from a malabsorption syndrome (irregular digestion).
  • Peoplewho are suffering from cholestasis or other conditions that would cause a chemical interference with the weight loss medication.