12 Tips for Good Breast Health (#11 is the Most Uncommon)

Women think they give it all to keep their breasts healthy. And what’s the only thing that comes to mind for good breast health? Buying and wearing the best bra for lift and support. It is essential to wear the right bra, no doubt. But that’s not the only thing that supports your breasts.

These 12 tips for good breast health prevent chances of disease and cancer risk. You treat yourself well to avoid thinking about serious health concerns. Plus, your breasts stay healthy and happy too.


12 Tips for Good Brest Health

#1 Exercising is a must

Exercising is a tried-and-true method for everything. And it has everything to do with breast health. While most women look at exercise for weight loss and getting stronger. It can have a great impact on breast health.

A study talks about doing a regular exercise of moderate intensity. This can improve the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients. Plus, it helps with after-care therapy for breast cancer survivors.

#2 Wear the right bra

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Have you felt discomfort all your teen years wearing the wrong bra? If so, then it’s time to change that. Find your ideal bra size with the perfect band, cup, and bust fit. Make sure the shoulders don’t irritate your skin.


#3 Cut down on sweets

If up until now, all you’ve heard from others is, “sugar is the killer of good health.” And you still haven’t believed them. This might change your mind.

A recent study linked sweet food consumption with an elevated risk of breast cancer. This includes a diet of foods such as honey, ice cream, and chocolate.

#4 Increase your fiber intake

Foods such as kale, oats, apples, whole grain, etc. are good in dietary fiber. They improve metabolism, digestion, and hormonal balance. One of the most direct research talks about how an increase in dietary fiber can reduce breast cancer risk.

This is because fiber improves progesterone receptor stability to prevent breast tumors. The same benefits are also seen in postmenopausal women.

#5 Frequently massage your breasts

While a full body massage is tempting to most of you. You can do a little bit of it on your own regularly. This includes massaging your breast tissues gently. To improve blood circulation and stabilize your lymphatic system!

#6 Avoid wearing toxic dyed clothes

The most common dyes in clothing are not organic or natural. They are harsh chemicals such as nonylphenol ethoxylates. They enter the pores of your skin especially when you’re sweating or in warm climates.

#7 Avoid using underarm deodorants

It should come as no surprise to you that your breasts are sensitive to chemicals. This is because of the presence of multiple lymph nodes in that region.

A recent study found that chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants are harmful. These can increase the risk of breast cancer due to frequent use. Opt for alternatives such as hypoallergenic and natural ingredients.

#8 Are you wearing the right support bra?

If your bra gives you breast pain or tenderness. It’s time to switch to a better, good-fitting and support bra.

It’s not that wearing a tight bra can cause breast cancer. But the prolonged discomfort puts a lot of pressure on the breasts. It may impact the lymphatic nerves. And also restrict proper blood circulation to the breasts.

#9 Balance your estrogen levels with food

Maintaining healthy breasts with certain foods is essential. Foods that are rich in estrogen can have many healing benefits.

Balancing hormones is an important criterion for good breath health. Eat more foods rich in estrogens such as dried fruits, strawberry, and oatmeal.

#10 Reduce alcohol consumption

Studies suggest that wine can be good for balancing estrogen hormones in the body. Even so, alcohol, in general, limits your chances of breast health. Consider quitting or restricting your alcohol consumption.

Excess alcohol consumption can cause inflammation and hormonal shifts in the body. When prolonged, can increase risk in breast cancer and other breast-related problems.

#11 Start meditating

Now, this one you might not believe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Good therapy is meditating and relaxing your mind, even in a stressful situation. Low levels of positive moods can cause inflammation in the body. This isn’t an uncommon fact.

For women, this can affect your hormones, sleep, immune system, and blood pressure. All of which contribute to breast health. Adopting certain mindful techniques is one of the best 12 tips for good breast health.


#12 Balance your folic acid with food

Food is medicine if you know how to eat right. Folic acid, or folate, deficiency can impact cause DNA damage. Folic acid boosts red blood cells production in your body. A deficiency can restrict proper regulation and production of RBCs.

Women during pregnancy need to up their folate levels to avoid birth defects. Having said that, increase intake of cereals, citrus fruits, and leafy greens.


What do you think of these best 12 tips for good breast health?

There’s a lot more you can do to ensure better breast health. And by being smart about what you eat and wear is a big step in the right direction. So don’t wait for miracles to happen and take control of your own life.


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