Top 15 Intriguing Books about True Love

Frankly speaking, every good book is about love. Because love can be different, and there is no standard for it. Most of us have already heard about classic writers such as Bronte and Jane Austen sisters or the Silver Age poets, but there are also other authors whose love stories deserve your attention.  

Here is the list of amazing love stories, from truly romantic to the most unpredictable. Famous authors and new names. Forbidden desires, palace secrets, fatal passions, family sagas, and exciting love adventures.


  • Erich Maria Remarque, Three Comrades


This book about post-war Germany is considered to be one of the best novels, but for some reason, it is most loved by those who hate such novels. It is probably because Remarque’s style is extremely sincere, leaving no illusions for the reader, and at the same time the author describes serious issues so honestly that no one will escape the revaluation of certain things ​​after reading.


  • Colin McCullough,  The Thorn Birds


There are some books that can be re-read hundreds of times, giving a storm of emotions every time, and this is one of them. McCullough’s fascinating novel is a part of the saga telling about the Cleary’s family. But what is necessary for books of this genre, it’s not completely clear whether there will be a happy ending.


  • Sigrid Unset, Christine, the Daughter of Lavrans


The work of the Nobel laureate in literature Sigrid Undset describes true love in the times long before video dating rooms were invented. The novel is called by many the “Iliad of the North” because it consists of three parts. The book tells about Christine who meets Erland’s knight, becomes his mistress, and then, against the will of her parents, marries him.


  • Cecilia Ahern, P.S. I love you


The first novel of the 23-year-old Cecilia Ahern became an international bestseller, and it is not a coincidence: the book can safely serve as a “shock therapy” for those cases where it seems that things cannot be worse. Holly had lost her husband and her meaning of life with him, but it turned out that true love is stronger than death. The book is really able to revive you. Just read it.


  • Bernhard Schlink, Reader


Suddenly flashed love affair between a fifteen-year-old and a mature woman finished abruptly when, without warning, the lady disappeared from the city. Eight years later, he saw her again – at the trial against the Nazi criminals as of one of the former women wardens of the female concentration camp. This one is probably one of the toughest and tearing apart stories about the love and the duty of the XXI century.


  • Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind


Margaret Mitchell’s only novel is one of those books that grow together with us. Having read it in youth, you will perceive it differently in adult years: you will notice more war, more history, and more wisdom and vitality. It’s as if you had read the abbreviated version before, and now you have the whole novel.


  • Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


The author was right, “All happy families are the same, while every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” And this book is piercing and tragic; it is about happy and unhappy people, proving that love, even mutual one, does not always mean joy or blessing but is always a miracle.


  • Frederic Begbeder, Love lives three years


Many readers say that this book has a surprisingly misleading title. Well, we also do not share Begbeder’s categorical point of view, but one thing is for sure: the novel shows the interesting side of outgoing love from a male point of view. And it’s not at all as simple as it seems.


  • Dina Rubina, A few hurried words of love …


This collection of stories is not worth reading avidly. You should better divide it into portions, 2-3 per evening. Not because they are boring or poorly written, no. Just because of the opposite: they are too concentrated and fluttering. They can cause aching chest pain and a firm conviction that true love exists.


  • Francoise Sagan, Hello, sadness


Since all the creative works of Sagan are devoted to studying various aspects of love, it is difficult to recommend one novel. Therefore, we decided to stop at the author’s calling card – her debut book. You dive into this novel like into the sea – the easy-minded history about summer holidays hides the dark depths of human passions.


  • Paolo Giordano, The loneliness of prime numbers


Sometimes loneliness is the other side of love, the shadow that is rarely spoken about because it is not common to talk about it. In the end, maybe all of us are just simple numbers lost in the stone jungle, parallel lines that are not destined to intersect. At least not in this geometry.


  • Sophie Jordan, The Duke Buys a Bride


Young Alice is forced to live with an unloved husband. But soon she will break this bond and marry her chosen one, Yardley, a childhood friend. Yardley should just buy Alice at auction: this is the custom in these parts. An interesting beginning, isn’t it?


  • Gene Rice, Antoinette


 This is a powerful book about love, more precisely, about “non-love.” She shows us what happens if a woman loses her head and forgets herself for the sake of a man who does not need her. This novel is included in all postcolonial literature programs in Western universities.


  • Francoise Sagan, Hello, sadness!


The life of the main character has little to do with love: the boy who she swims and sunbathes with is hardly her great love. But on the other hand, out of boredom and immaturity, she destroys her father’s true love for a stepmother, and who knows what will come next?


  • Elizabeth Gilbert, The Origin of All Things


The author of the well-known Eat, Pray, Love wrote an epic book about the scientist Alma Whittaker who formulated the theory of evolution before Darwin. A wise, deep, and exciting novel.

The power of a good novel about love is that it overcomes crises in society and gives people hope for the future. And when you feel bad, immersing yourself into a love story can really warm your heart. So read and enjoy books from this list.