This is How Your Mattress is Affecting Your Sleep Quality

To start off, the answer is a resounding YES! It’s not just the bed, pillows and the sheets, but the essential component for a good night’s rest is the mattress. Even when the label of the manufacturer instructs the user clearly to replace old and worn out mattresses every 6-8 years, we never get around to doing it.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that your mattress isn’t immortal and old mattresses might equate to the sleep disorders that you have been facing recently. Your body aches, skin rashes might not be clinical but a result of a bad mattress. If you are looking for a new anti-allergic mattress, you must read about the Leesa Mattress Coupon on this site.

Sleeping disorders and the most common causes

It is easy to slip into bad lifestyle habits due to present fast-paced day and age we live in. Our leisure time activities including the excessive usage of Smartphone, tablets, and laptops to eating habits, everything is responsible for irregular sleep patterns.

Additionally, you also need to spare a thought about the mattresses and associated bedding items affecting your quality of sleep as well.

Let us first go over the effects of sleeping disorders,

Hampers the memory

It’s a scientific fact that REM stage of the sleep is required to rest the brain and the formation of memories. Poor quality of sleep or the lack of it means your brain is not getting the adequate amount of rest it requires.

Hampers the awareness

We, human beings are dependent on our senses of sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Poor quality sleep affects the sensory capabilities of human beings and “desensitizes” these vital capabilities of an individual. This, in turn, leads to accidents and unintentional mishaps at the workplace and while commuting.

So, when should you invest in a new mattress?

You are facing pest problems

That is a very tricky problem to deal with and one of the most surefire signs that can help you recognize that you need a new mattress. The dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that are in abundance on an old mattress. The bed bugs and the mites are the pests responsible for itchy skin and rashes. Instead of going for the hot water remedy for your mattress invest in an anti-allergic mattress.

You are suffering from chronic body aches

Many mattresses have an internal spring system which might break down due to wear and tear through the years. These rogue spring parts and foam materials inside the mattress might get deformed or bent out of shape, and as a result, you are never comfortable while sleeping. Waking up with the body and joint aches must be taken seriously before they develop into serious problems. Invest in a new mattress to get rid of joint pains right after you wake up.

The fact about hygiene

This one is a no-brainer. If you spent an adequate amount of years with your mattress, you must think of the amount of sweat and other bodily fluids that have seeped into the mattress over the years. To maintain good hygiene, you must replace your old mattress after every 6-8 years.

Here’s to hoping that after reading this article you find the answers to your mattress problems.