How to Be an Expert When Buying Luxury Jewelry

Buying fine jewelry is a smart and calculated decision. It is not a whimsical choice that depends on online pop-up ads. Or is it? Over the last few decades, fine jewelry has become extremely affordable for the common populace. More and more people are wearing brands like Chanel, Piaget, and Cartier during their night outs and formal parties. These luxury brands are becoming common names in their wardrobes. It was unthinkable even ten years ago with most luxury brands endorsing statement pieces that cost upwards of a few hundred dollars.

Why is luxury jewelry becoming so popular?

Whether it is a statement necklace by a renowned lifestyle brand or a luxury ring by a popular designer, you must know your jewelry before you invest in it. Luxury jewelry is indeed a smart investment. They have impressive resale value and they last through years of intermittent use to become heirloom for the next generation. While buying luxury jewelry, you may feel tempted by the name of the brands and the incredible sale offers some of them post during the end of a fashion season. However, you must never forget that jewelry is a way of expressing personal fashion statements. There is no way you can feel one with a piece just because you bought it at an incredibly low price.

Thanks to online shopping, you can now shop luxury jewelry online without visiting hundreds of stores in person. Most of these stores have their complete current collection and on-sale items on their website. Each online seller site is a treasure trove of new designs and reduced prices. However, the intangibility of the entire process also gives unscrupulous jewelers the chance to sell subpar quality gemstones and metals at high prices. Finding fake lifestyle brand jewelry is not impossible at all. Therefore, each buyer has to be extremely vigilant about the seller’s authentication and the certification of the gemstones they are buying.

Who is a genuine seller of fine jewelry?

A genuine seller will always have the documentation of their jewelry ready. Additionally, after making your choice online, you can always visit the local branch of the seller outlet for checking out the quality and final look of the piece. For example – it is almost impossible to distinguish a heated ruby from a non-heated one without an expert eye. Unless you speak with a jeweler or at least see the ruby ring with your own eyes, it will be impossible to state its quality by viewing images of it on the website. While jewelers have heated rubies for centuries to remove colors, an unheated ruby might be worth twenty times more than a heated one. Most online sellers don’t have specifications like these on their site. Unless you are buying from a time-tested luxury brand famous for its genuine quality, you should always double check before spending a fortune on luxury jewelry online.

How do luxury brands sell jewelry at affordable prices?

There was a time when people were worried about the additional costs that luxury stores built into the final price tags of their products. For example – a well-known lifestyle brand has to include the cost of its real estate, red carpet events and advertising into the price of their designer wear. The net cost can add up to millions per year. That used to add a hefty amount to the price of the product. However, the advent of online marketing and website selling has helped most luxury brands ameliorate these expenses. Now, they can offer affordable price tags to all buyers without incurring losses. So, when you spot a luxury brand pendant or bracelet at 50% off, you know that the designers did not compromise in quality to create the bespoke piece of jewelry for you.

At the same time, you must remember that the big-box brands do sell lab-grown gemstones for pocket-friendly prices. It is possible for you to buy a Tiffany neckpiece within a hundred dollars, but the diamond on the white gold jewelry will be synthetic, or it will be of a lower grade. However, reputable brands will never sell lab-grown diamonds or synthetic gemstones as precious stones. They will always provide the buyer with certificates and other documentation while selling a real gem. Most famous high-end luxury brands are also abiding by the ethics of sourcing gemstones from third world countries or areas of conflict.

What to remember before buying fine jewelry?

Before making a considerable financial commitment, it is necessary to learn as much as possible from credible sources. Most importantly, it is imperative to find a seller you can trust. You can visit small boutique shops and private deals as long as you want to buy something pocket-friendly. Buying luxury jewelry from local dealers might not be a great idea especially if they are unable to provide warranties and certification for the gemstones. Always buy from authentic stores and brand stores that can provide you with the necessary documentation.

While buying luxury jewelry, always remember NEVER to accept old certificates or inferior documentation of authenticity. Without the proper paperwork, even the Hope Diamond might lose its value. Always look for documents from authorities like the Gemology Institute of America before buying fine jewelry. It should mention the origin of the gemstones along with the gemological identity and alterations. These certificates determine the quality of the gems to a significant degree.

Where else can you find fine jewelry?

If you take your jewelry seriously, you should try buying vintage luxury wear jewelry at the popular jewelry auctions. While Sotheby’s and Bonham’s are beyond the reach of many, you can find several affordable local auctions in your state that endorse lifestyle brands and luxury jewelry. You will get to hobnob with the industry insiders during the first few rounds of the auction. Many of these events have affordable jewelry options for the many thrifty luxury and fine jewelry collectors from around the 50-states. Keep an eye on your registered mail, their Facebook and Twitter page to find the best bargain deals of the year.