The Best CBD Coffee and Teas

For many of us, we can’t even begin to think about being fully functional until we’ve had our morning caffeine. Whether you prefer a hot cup of tea or you’re a complete coffee addict, these habits are ones that we’d have a hard time living without. But imagine if you could infuse a bit of health into your morning routine – what might that look like?

Some individuals are turning toward CBD-infused beverages, as the benefits of this compound are incredible. CBD’s full moniker is cannabidiol, and it’s a substance that’s been known to assist with anxiety, inflammation, and a host of other health benefits. Rather than having to fuss with a tincture or topical treatment, drinking CBD coffee or tea makes your morning a little bit easier.

Which products should you choose? We’ve reviewed three options on the market and have found that these offer exceptional CBD benefits while giving you the boost you need to start your day right. Let’s check them out!

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Those who are picky about their coffee may be skeptical when it comes to CBD-infused beans, but Green Roads has done a fantastic job in balancing important health benefits with a delicious taste. The scent of caramel and a sweet flavor makes this cup of coffee a true treat while you get to enjoy a moderate dose of CBD.

An 8-ounce bag of coffee contains 250 mg of CBD, which roughly equates to 31 mg per cup of joe. If you don’t want to add the extra step of taking a CBD supplement, try Green Roads’ premium coffee. At $39.99, it ends up being far cheaper than if you were to purchase coffee and CBD separately.

Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee

If you’re really into your coffee and want more than just one option to explore, then Pot-O-Coffee will be right up your alley. The company produces cold brew varieties, decaf blends, and a range of roasts for all coffee lovers. They’ve even created K-cups with their CBD-infused blend, giving you the ability to utilize your existing machinery.

Although the specific dosage of CBD is a little unclear across their range of products, the brand as a whole utilizes their proprietary HENEPLEX™ hemp complex to deliver quality CBD oil as you sip your drink. Prices and quantities vary depending on the type of product you purchase.

Pure Science Labs Pomegranate Tea

Coffee may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego a morning CBD beverage. Tea drinkers will be pleased to find that Pure Science Labs has developed tea chips that are infused with hemp oil extract. Boasting 100% natural ingredients, these chips are actually dried pomegranate skins along with Manuka honey and 15 mg of CBD.

Simply use each chip as you would a tea bag and enjoy a delicious beverage that aids in boosting your immune system and offers powerful pain relieving benefits. A bag of four chips will set you back $19.95.

When it comes to the health benefits of CBD, it’s hard to argue with the testimonials of people across the world claiming that this compound has changed their life. If you’re interested in trying CBD for yourself and want to make it as easy as possible, try one of these three morning beverages to get your day off to a great start!