Top Ways for Having a Healthier Christmas

There is a lot of merry going around during Christmas time, and if you are not cautious, you could start the year with a plethora of health infirmities. In as much as it the season for eating and drinking and having a lot of fun, you must always ensure moderation, let you hurt your health in a way you may end up regretting for months or days to come. You should not let the excitement of a few days come in the way of your health, and this is why we present you with some of the top ways to help you retain your health at its best as you get the most out of the festivities.

Don’t sit down all day

It is common to find people adopting the sedentary lifestyle during Christmas season. All they want to do is just sit down, watch movies, and eat and drink from morning to evening. It may sound like a great thing to do in the short term, and since it is just once a year, you may not see the danger in it. However, such a lifestyle will definitely have a consequence on your life. Sitting down and doing nothing but resting and eating is not good for your health, and even though it is Christmas, you still need to stick to your fitness routine. Hit the gym, walk around, run in the neighborhoods, and don’t just sit down doing nothing.

Start off your day clean

This is usually the time of the year when people tend to throw their good eating habits off the window. Even some of the strictest dieticians will become less vigilant and will eat what they should not be eating. But even as you give in to the temptation to overindulge, you should have some good dietary practices with you. For example, you should make it a habit to start off your day clean, by having a huge glass of warm lemon water. This will help in cleaning your liver and body tissues and also decrease the rate of water retention. Since the water is acidic, you will get a good dose of vitamin C, and your system will also get the electrolytes needed to keep your digestion system working at its best.

Always start with a healthy breakfast

People’s eating habits during Christmas is heavily skewed and if there is one meal that most people will avoid then binge eat later on in the day, then that has to be the breakfast. However, this is usually a huge mistake with serious ramifications. It is imperative to start your day with a heavy breakfast and it should be something able to sustain you for a few hours of the morning. Ideally, a green juice or a smoothie or even some whole grains will just work fine. These will give you the nutrition and the energy to go through your day and you will also avoid the temptation to overeat which will always be very strong at this time of the year. Besides, when you consciously start your day on a healthy footing, you will be aware of what you will be eating for the rests of the day, and you may avoid some of the Christmas eating nightmares.

Forget about the sugars

Sweet things will always be on the table, but you must not forget about the ill benefits of processed sugars in the body. If you have to eat the sugars, strive for natural sugars or sweeteners such as nectar, molasses, honey or stevia. The negative of processed sugars are well known to the body and these include unnecessary weight gain, compromised immune system, an imbalance in the blood sugars amongst others. This is not to forget about the dangers of such sugars to your teeth which may compel you to seek the service s of dentists Phoenix come the New Year.

Go easy on the booze

Booze will be flowing free during the festive season, but this is not to give you a chance to lower down your guards and fill up your belly with as much booze as it can possibly hold. It is good to have some alcohol during this time, but you should not take too much of it. Other than the obvious health effects, you will spend most of your day drowsy due to drunkenness, and you might as well miss out on the beauty of the festivities. Take the booze in moderation and ensure you maintain your sobriety so that you can take note of some of the things happening around you.

Keep colds at bay

Christmas coincides with winter, and this means one thing – it will be very cold, probably snowing outside. The last thing you would desire for your Christmas is to have a cold virus, and it is imperative that you take every measure necessary to reduce your risks of getting affected. It begins with keeping yourself warm and eating healthy meals. You should also take care of your hygiene since a lax on your hygiene is a way to invite a horde of disease into your body.

Eat lots of fruits

To be honest, so many people go through Christmas without eating any fruit. All they can eat is meat, chicken, booze, and more meat. It implies that for the whole of that period, the body goes without the vital vitamins that can only be obtained from fruits. A smarter way to be more conscious about your diet during this time, therefore, would be to make it a habit to eat at least a fruit every single day. Trust me, your digestion system and your overall health will be grateful that you did that.

Stay hydrated

For most people, it will be cold, but that is no excuse to avoid drinking water. You are likely to be taking a lot of junk foods and you will need a lot of fluids to give your digestion a lifeline during that time. Drinking plain water is highly recommended, though you can also try out lots of herbal teas and freshly made juices.