How to Effectively Fix Your Back Pain at Home

80 per cent of the world population suffers from back pain. This is an epidemic that lowers down the productivity of people. Back pain is mostly seen in women. There are numerous reasons for back pain. It is most of the time caused by our own mistakes. We do not take care of our diet. Food that has calcium, iron, and zinc should be in the diet every day. Sometimes it is caused by wrong sleeping position. Let’s get on the causes and solutions to try at home without further ado.

Causes of back pain:

Sleeping position

A lot of us sleep in a fetus position. This manipulates the back in kind of an “O” shaped position. It is extremely harmful to the back. Stomach sleeping position is also a problem. The whole body pressure comes on the back, and it gets affected. You may buy the memory foam mattress as it can be a great help for maintaining a better position.

Movement and posture

These days all of our work depends on desks and tables. We are continually sitting on the chair from 9 to 5. This way we lean towards the computer for work. This puts a lot of pressure in our back. The straight line of the back gets harmed.


A lot of time we get strain in our back but ignore it. For some time we try to comfort the back and then forget. This kinds of pressure can sometimes get worse if ignored. In fact, we ignore a small strain, but it comes back with severe back pain. Damaged disk and muscle tension can be the reason for your back pain in case of strain.

Improper style of lifting something

There are times when we have to lift something heavy. This may cause strains in back. Lifting things in a strange position takes a high toll on back.

Problem in structure

If you are suffering from arthritis or kidney problem, then you will face back pain severely. In this case, talking to a doctor is the best solution without trying any home remedy.

Solutions to try for back pain:

Fix your sleeping position

Try to avoid sleeping on your back. Side sleeping position is best for people with back pain. Sleep on your back and put a cushion between your legs. This will maintain straight alignment of your back. Also get the best mattress for back pain to have full support on the back.

Walk a few minutes every hour

If you are someone who has to work at a desk for hours, then walk every hour. Get up from the desk and walk for some couple of minutes. It will remove the monotony and fix your back pain. Also, do not lean towards the computer. Have you sit in straight sitting position.

Try meditation and yoga

There is numerous yoga position that is mainly for helping back pain. Try to do yoga every day. Meditating with yoga will calm you down which will also be helpful in your day to day life.

Try some homemade physical therapy

At first, find out what helps you heat or ice. Some people find comfort in heat some in ice. Get a thermal bag and pour hot or ice cold water in it. You can also go to a physical therapist to get some flexibility and physical activities.

Maintain a healthy diet

We are what we eat. This is an absolutely correct sentence for us. Keeping calcium, zinc and iron-rich food in diet will prevent from having weak bones. A lot of us do not know that vitamin D is vital for our bone health. A lot of women lacks this. Walk in the morning to get some fresh vitamin D.


These were some steps that you can try at home to get rid of the back pain, and within some time you will certainly notice some improvements. But do consult a doctor if you do not feel not better even after trying all these.