5 Reasons Why Women Should use Organic or Natural Beauty Products

As people understand the effects and consequences of the polluted environment we live in, they realise that the beauty products they use contribute significantly to their health and appearance. Women, now more than ever, are looking closely at the ingredients in all the products they are using on their bodies.

The interest among women in choosing organic products arises from an awareness that beautiful and clear skin needs to be healthy. People with sensitive skin want products that don’t do more harm than good to their skin. Chemical-free, anti-oxidant based skin care products are a lot less likely to cause an adverse reaction to sensitive skin.

Women today, want to look naturally beautiful and a naturally healthy appearance is best achieved using natural and pure organic skin care products.

Here are 5 Important Reasons Why More Women Are Turning to Natural and Organic Beauty Products:

  1. Nature provides the best care without being harsh

Many of the active ingredients in shampoos, conditioners,and other beauty products market that promise great results are synthetic. They contain chemicals that act to provide you with silky hair and sparkling white teeth but extensive use of these products can and will cause damage to your body over time.

Organic and natural beauty products, on the other hand, are wonderfully safe and effective. They contain plant-derived and other naturally occurring ingredients which prevent irritation and allergies. These products are mild and hypoallergenic so they can be used by anyone, even by those with sensitive skins conditions.

  1. Organic products are effective and deliver excellent results

Many studies on organic and all-natural hair products reveal that the active ingredients derived from plants are very effective in caring for hair, skin and teeth. Organic ingredients which are rich in vitamins and minerals strengthen and nourish the skin.

Coconut oil, for example, is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals and so using a hair product with coconut oil improves your hair’s strength and vitality. Several organic hair products contain shea butter, aloe vera and other plant-based extracts. The ingredients deliver several benefits and you can choose the product to use for your specific hair type.

  1. Organic products are environment-friendly

Since these products are made using natural ingredients, using them does not harm the environment. The ingredients contained in these products are highly biodegradable and so you will not be polluting the surrounding areas by using them.

Synthetic products, on the other hand, contain ingredients that deliver results, at the expense of the environment. 

  1. Organic products are very affordable

When you go to the store and look at the non-organic products with synthetic and chemical ingredients you find that they are as expensive or more expensive than pure natural organic skin care products. It is a myth that organic products always cost more.

You can now buy organic beauty products today at prices which are on par with synthetic ones and sometimes even for less. People are more receptive to buying organic both for the health and price value.

  1. Safer For Children

 Organic products such as charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste are gentle and can be used safely by children. Clinical and other non-organic teeth whitening procedures rely on bleaching agents such as carbamide peroxide as well asabrasives which are best avoided when attempting to get rid of stains in children’s teeth.

Natural charcoal teeth whiteners containing activated charcoal, are ideal for removing surface stains in children’s teeth as well as for freshening the breath.

Similarly, other natural products such as aluminium-free deodorants can keep your teenage child smelly fresh all day long, without the risk of chemical absorption.

With the push towards keeping fit and healthy without relying on medication and surgery which often have harmful side-effects these and many other reasons are why more women are choosing natural beauty products over synthetic ones.


Author Bio:

Aiza Tordil is a beauty and health blogger from Love Thyself offering helpful advice on beauty tips and healthy living which she practices to keep looking healthy and attractive.

She is passionate about sustainable living and always up on the hottest natural and organic skincare trends. Ultimately, she hopes to tell stories that strike a chord with people and provide them the importance of using only natural and organic products.