Everything You Need to Know About Proteins and Your Weight.

Proteins are an essential part of our diet. Without proteins, we would not be able to repair damaged parts of our body and may of our enzyme systems need proteins to function properly. This fact has been recognizedby many great bodybuilders, that is why if you are serious about bodybuilding, proteins should play a large part in your diet. However, there is one thing many people may not know about proteins. Proteins can help you achieve weight loss. Many people tend to focus more on carbs and fats, and neglect other nutrients of their diet which are also important too – like proteins for instance. Dieticians and doctors are beginning to study proteins more closely, not just as a diet, but as a possible player in weight loss. We would be talking about some studies on protein as weight loss and on what are the best types of proteins for weight loss. First, let us examine what some studies have to say about proteins and weight loss.

Of recent, there has been an interesting paradigm shift in the concept of diet and weight loss. In the olden times, it has been believed that the more calorie you take, the more your chances of getting fat. However, many studies have started to show that not all calories are created equal. Studies have started to show that it is more of a function of the type and quality of calories you take in than the actual calorie you take in. Studies upon studies have started to point to carbs as the major culprit for weight gain.

This is important for some reasons. One major problem people face is not the effectiveness of the weight loss regime per se, but many people who go on weight loss regimens tend to stop these regimens after weight loss. The result is that they cannot maintain weight loss. This is because merely trying to exercise your willpower and reduce the total amount of food you take is very difficult to do. This can explain why many people cannot stick to traditional dieting regimens for a long period of time.

If we can just look for many alternative eating plans with fewercarbs but equally delicious, it would be easier to stick to them. This is why studies have started to examine the effect of modifying nutrient composition in a way that it would be balanced, but will still lead to weight loss. Studies suggest that a diet with low carb and high protein content can help reduce weight loss. A study showed that a high protein diet reduced waist circumference of children. This study found out that it was not only enough to reduce the numberof carbs but also the numberof proteins. Now we know that proteins can help us in weight loss, a question that may be in our minds is – how does protein (referring to best protein for weight loss) cause weight loss?

Protein can cause weight loss in different ways. One of the ways is something called “Thermic effect of food”. What this means is that proteins can speed up the metabolismof their own calories by about 20 – 30% compared to carbs which usejust 5 – 10%. That is, proteins are more efficient calorie burners. In addition to this, proteins can also increase the calorie you burn during rest. The more a protein can preservelean body mass (which is your total body mass excluding fats), the more it can sustain weight loss. This can help in weight loss as a whole because you use up more energy even when you are resting. Proteins can also reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller for a long time. Many studies have shown that proteins are capable of reducing appetite and influencing many hormones that control appetite. For example, proteins can suppress ghrelin – a hormone which increases appetite and they can release hormones that reduce appetitelike PYY and GLP-1. Studies suggest that a high protein content in the context of lowcarbs and high fats can cause weight loss. So, the next question is what types of proteins are the best for weight loss?

The rule of thumb is that protein (referring to best protein for weight loss) that retain lean body mass can cause the greatest amount of weight loss. This is because they have the ability to increase the energy you expend even when you are not doing anything.  Whey protein and casein protein commonly found in milk, cheese, anddairy products have been shown by studies to improve satisfaction and reduce appetite. They have also been shown to improve the compositionof the body as a whole. Soy proteins and rice protein can also help improve weight loss. However, compared to animal proteins, plant proteins may not have a complete amino acid profile and if you are a vegetarian, it would be better to combine as many plant proteins as you can for better results. Some animal protein source iseggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, lean meat and chicken. When eating animal meat, it is better to go for lean meat. Some plant proteins are nuts like almonds and peas, beans, soy, rice (also has a high amount of carbs) and lentils.