3 Tips to Keep Warm in Winter while Taking Care of Your Home and Your Wallet

When the weather becomes cool, you want to stay warm. However, you probably want to do so without burning all of your cash, which means you might be looking for some tips on energy efficient heating. Your heater is undoubtedly going to be one of your most important (and frequently used) appliances during periods of cold weather. In order to use it without facing steep utility costs, you’ll want to follow a few of the following tips:

  1. Don’t Ignore Routine Maintenance
    Some people assume that the easiest way to save money on heater maintenance is to simply ignore it. However, this is never a good strategy. Your heater is a complicated machine, with many sensitive individual components that need to be properly maintained. By calling for service once each year before you start using your system frequently, you can prevent the kind of wear and tear that eventually causes much larger problems. Professionals who inspect your burner flames, clean the blower, change the filters and remove dust from sensitive parts like the pilot light will ensure that your furnace remains efficient and prevent emergencies. The money you spend on service calls will be far less than the fallout from a potential breakdown and subsequent repairs. If you’ve been running an inefficient boiler for quite some time, there’s a big possibility that it’s been spiking up your energy bills. A boiler replacement is a long term investment that would cost a lot at first, but it will surely yield more savings in the long run due to the increased efficiency. You could check out this Worcester Life 8000 review to see what new modern boilers have to offer.
  2. Audit Your Energy Usage
    Another major cause of high heating bills is that people don’t always know when they’re using energy inefficiently, according to the energy experts at Hometree. Much of the energy wasted in heating homes occurs as a direct result of improper thermostat settings, but the homeowners who commit this offence are often shocked to learn about it. You can save money by keeping a closer eye on your habits. Doing so will allow you to tell when you’re setting your thermostat incorrectly and rectify the error before it affects your utility bills for the month. Apps like Homeselfe can help by asking you a few simple questions about your home and habits, then providing a report on your power consumption along with tips for making it more efficient.
  3. Draw Power from the Sun
    A lot of people are turning towards solar power to help them offset their energy costs. There are several types of solar technology available, but if you’re going to use rooftop solar panels to heat the water in your home then we recommend photovoltaic panels over thermal ones. Unlike thermal panels, which use heat to turn a generator and produce electricity, photovoltaic panels turn the sun’s light into energy directly. They also take up a lot less space on your roof.

There are many good ways to stay comfortable without sacrificing your financial well being this winter. Firstly, you can often reduce your regular bills by maintaining your existing system diligently, and hiring a licensed professional to conduct yearly service calls. You can also use new technology to give yourself a quick and easy audit, so that you can learn more about your home and how to improve the way you use energy in it. Finally, you may wish to consider supplementing your existing water heater with photovoltaic solar panels. Doing so will ensure that you canstay toasty warm until the spring thaw.