5 Instagram Hacks for Better Instagram Stories

Everyone who uses Instagram would really love to create better stories that will keep their audience captivated. If this is your goal (of course who doesn’t want to achieve this), it’ll be good to learn some of the best tactics that’d help you achieve this and this article is all about that. Instagram stories have grown in popularity over the years with millions using this feature each day. There are many features that Instagram has included for stories and these include colour wheel for use in drawing, selfie stickers, a hands-free mode and many others. You can use these features

  1. Change pen or font sizes

Whenever you utilize pen features or add a text in your Instagram stories, changing the sizes is always important as the tools come with default settings which you can use. However, you can choose to change the sizes to mid-range and also increase the thickness for a personalized feel. If you want to have your text to fit within the screen in a better way, shrinking the text is always better or even changing the size of the pen. This also helps you to achieve an arty style that’s captivating to your audience. You can make the adjustment to these two by simply using the slider situated on the left hand side of your screen. You either slide circle up to enlarge the font or thicken the pens or down to make the font smaller and pens thinner.

  1. Modify the font colours

You can add text to your stories on Instagram by simply tapping the ‘Aa icon’ situated on the top-right side of the screen. Once you do that, you can upload or take a photo or shoot a video to add to your story. You’ll get a keyboard that opens from where you can choose from a wide selection of colours. You can also tap and hold down the preselected colour options and that way open a rich colour spectrum from where you can pick the desired colour. There’s also a colour dropper icon which you can use to match the colours of your picture perfectly with the pixel of your screen.

  1. Build text using successive posts

If you are using Instagram for marketing purposes, then you might have lots of test that you want to share and as such, you won’t want your audience to miss them out. In such a scenario, it would be good to create several posts in succession to build extra text. As you do this, don’t forget that viewers only have 7 seconds to go through the text and thus might not be able to read a lot.

To avoid this, you should put small texts on an image or plain background and the upload that to the story you intend to share. Once this is done, start another post by selecting the immediate image you just shared (by clicking on photo gallery icon) and then adding some more text to the image and then save before uploading again. You may continue this until all your text is added.

  1. Create videos out of your photos

Videos have an advantage in that they can play for 15 seconds as opposed to photos that can only play for approximately 7 seconds. I’m imaging that by now you have a huge following and if you don’t, then people such as www.socialgrand.com could come in handy in helping grow your follower base. If you want to reach this audience effectively, you can craft your images and then turn them into videos and this will help them remain longer on the screen. Videos encourage and improve your engagement in a better way that plain images.

  1. Add music to your videos

Better instagram stories are those that enable you to engage your audience in a better way. As you post or create videos, adding some audio components or music will help your stories to stand out more and make it even easier to engage with your followers. You could also add some animations to your stories to make then stand out more.

There are many accounts that normally use these tactics and they all stand out from the crowd. Using Instagram effectively for your business or just social aspect of your life is an art that you need to master and keep growing. With these 5 tips, it will be easy to better your stories and keep your followers coming back for more. After all, that’s what counts.