Why You Should Visit Canada during Winter

Many people would find it ridiculous to apply for a visa or go ahead with the application of the Canada ETA to come and visit the country during winter.  This is simply because Canada is known to experience some of the worst winters in the world, and it would make no sense to think that one can find something to enjoy in the midst of winter.

However, the opposite is quite true.  It is a fact that the winters in the country may not be very forgiving, but there are lots of fun and interesting things you can consider, and which makes visiting Canada in winter such an appealing idea.  To the doubting Thomas, here are is why you may want to consider your trip to Canada in winter:

The national parks are steaming with pure beauty in winter

If you desire to experience the photo-like scenes of landscapes you usually see on the back of postcards, then winter is the perfect time for you to visit Canada.  There are lots of beautiful sceneries and Canada, and sometimes the winter weather does a lot of magic in transforming the landscapes to turn them on paradises on earth.

The Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, for instance, usually turn into ice cream cake in winter, treating you to unbelievable frozen waterfalls, picturesque canyons, and super gorgeous glaciers. Whether you want to go hiking and fill your lungs with the fresh and cold winter air or you are a bit lazy and you prefer going for dog sledding, what you find in Canadian national parks in winter is nothing but pure bliss, reasons enough to make you want to visit in winter.

Rarely seen wildlife

It is nearly impossible to takeabout Canadian parks without giving a mention to the wildlife. Winter is the best time to spot some very rare species in Canada. These are the kinds of animals that would normally head north during the rest of the seasons and only come when the snow comes. It means that if you have never toured the Northern provinces, then it is likely that you have never seen some of these animals.

Therefore, the best time to spot some rare species of the moose, coyotes, wolves, and osprey in during winter and the precise location is at Jasper National Park. If you have also wanted to spot grizzlies and black bears without worrying about them coming for your, then you should make it to Banff National Park in winter for some nice sighting of these beasts. Though most animals will be in hibernation during winter, it is a great time to see a number of them that you wouldn’t normally see when the temperatures are warm.

Best winter sports in the world

Canada is one of the best winter destinations in the world, and this is due to the wonderful reputation it has when it comes to winter games. Whether it is snowboarding, skating or skiing, exciting experiences await in you in some of the leading resorts in the plethora of the Canadian mountains. If you don’t like getting your heart rate up in the mountains, and you prefer something less demanding, then you can go for ice fishing, given that the country has some of the best-frozen rivers in the world. And the good news about ice fishing is that you can always make a delicacy out of your catch once you are done.

The winter festivals

There are a lot of festivals taking place all over Canada during winter. This is just the right time to join locals and fellow visitors in sharing and enjoying the Canadian culture through the various festivals that will be taking place around. Some of the top winter festivals you should never miss include Whistler Pride which happens to be the biggest celebration for diversity in the entire planet, The Banff Ice Magic Festivalwhere you will be treated to amazing ice sculptors done by talented artists from various places around the world, and also the Canmore Winter Carnival – a celebration for appreciating the Canadian winters.

Enjoy the foods in winter

The culinary diversity in Canada has a lot to be admired. The country belongs to immigrants from all the corners of the world and each has an influence at what ends at the table, and finally in your mouth. If you want to sample some of the best the Canadian culture has as far as food is concerned, then the best time to visit is in winter.

This is the time you will find highly decadent foods that will not only treat you to loads of nutrition but also will help you keep warm to keep the winter cold at bay. The national favorite, of course, is the Poutine – a combination of hot chips with a gravy and cheese curds. This particular dish originated in Quebec in the 1950s, but quickly rose in fame and now is one of the favorite dishes you will love cherished by millions of Canadians. Other than this, winter will treat you to nice servings of other delicacies such as yam fries, maple-coated bacon, root vegetables, and many other authentic cuisines.

Fewer city crowds

Not everyone desires to go places when everyone else is going so that they will be in constant competition for the available attraction. If you are kind of person who can’t withstand crowds, then winter is the best time to visit Canada. Like in many other places, places will be holed up in their places of comfort and will try to avoid the streets as much as they possibly can.

This will mean that you will have all the streets to just a few of you, you won’t have to worry about the crowds, and you will have an easy time getting the most out of your visit. Additionally, since the crowds are low in winter, you may also benefit from discounted rates as well as nice offers on hotels and airlines. Therefore, visiting Canada in winter will also go a long way in helping you save some money.