How to Live a Sustainable Life with a Pre-Fab Home

While it’s enough to simply say that pre-fab homes are 50% less expensive than traditional on-site homes, research takes it a step further by stating that eco-friendly homeowners will reap even more benefits by seeing a 40% reduction in utility bills each month. When considering how you can make a bigger impact on the preservation of Earth’s precious resources and lead a more sustainable life, you might generally think about reducing your waste, opting for greener transportation and even recycling when you can. However, the home you live in can have a big impact on the environment, too. While it might seem odd pairing sustainability and modular homes, they actually go hand-in-hand.

The Green Construction of Pre-Fab Cabin Homes

Most modular homes are constructed in a warehouse using uniform manufacturing processes, meaning that construction teams don’t have to dig into the ground and risk damaging the natural surrounding area. Once the pieces are constructed, they are moved to the site where they pour a foundation and then set the home up. Not only does this drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to construct the home from beginning to end, but because the process is accomplished using assembly line techniques, there are fewer errors, more efficient production and a reduced impact on the surrounding environment. Because these companies typically order their materials in bulk and can use them in a factory setting for other modular homes, they use less energy to ship and ultimately result in less waste while offering you the ability to live in a prefab cabin style of home.

Eco-Benefits of Investing in a Modular Home

If you’re really dedicated to giving back to the Earth that gives so much to you, you’ll definitely want to look into the benefits of modular homes. Not only does the EPA claim that the pre-fab industry can create employment and economic activity in the recycling industries, but it can also increase business opportunities in your community as they will need to hire fewer people for resource-consuming jobs and more for the sustainable manufacturing of homes that can be made quickly and efficiently. Due to the fact that the normal construction of homes requires that a lot of materials are sent to landfills, pre-fab homes and the industry they are a part of can cut down on the number of materials that are sent to a landfill which can ultimately result in the need for fewer landfills in your community as well.

Living a Sustainable Life

Part of living a healthy life is engaging in sustainable practices however you can, including where and how you make a home. Pre-fab homes not only provide you with greater flexibility and general customization, but they also allow you to feel great about the way that you are contributing to reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, check out these eco friendly products for more tips.