Facts to Consider when Breeding the Right Horses for Racing

Horse racing has been a form of entertainment since ancient times. It has evolved a lot since the Greek times. Horse racing has fascinated people for generations, and a lot of people are very passionate about this game. Like any other sports, you need to consider a few things in horse racing too, if you want to win in the game. Just having a fit horse will not cut it; you need to consider its breed also. There are many types of races among horses. Depending on their genetics, some breeds are faster than the others. In this article, you will learn more about choosing the right breeds for racing and how it can impact your game.

Different Types of Horse Races

The sports of horse racing have a lot of different categories. There are flat racing, jump racing, endurance racing, to name a few, to test the horse’s abilities. Different types of racing require different breeds of horses. Choosing the right kind of horse for the particular type of racing like those you watch on TVG is very important. It is mandatory to understand which type of breed is suitable for a specific race type.

Various Breeds of Horses

There are many types of horses available in the market for racing. For racing purposes, the Arabian Horses, quarter horses, and the standard breeds are considered to be the most suitable. There are other race categories like Pony racing as well. A pony is entirely different from a horse, and their racing category differs a lot from usual horse racing. Ponies have a different muscle build, and their level of endurance is entirely different from regular horses. People, who want to breed race-winning horses, need to understand few factors and get their concept cleared. Choosing the wrong breed for a wrong race is only going to cost them the game. Learning about the anatomical structure of a horse is thus, very important.

Different Breeds have Different Characteristics

In the world of horse racing, Arabian horses are considered to be of premium quality. These magnificent creatures are also one of the oldest breeds of horses. They can be easily identified because of their wedge-shaped heads and broad foreheads. The eyes and nostrils of an Arabian horse are much larger than other breeds of horses. The most common breed of horse is perhaps, the thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are suitable for horse racing in particular. They are up to 15 to 17 hands high and have a comparatively longer neck and legs. Their lean body is perfect for racing conditions. The standard breeds of horses originally came from North America. These types of horses are more suitable for harness racing. These horses are more muscular regarding their physique, and they have two different types, trotters, and pacers, namely.

It can be said, however, that with the right type of knowledge about the various breeds and their strengths and weaknesses, one can start breeding the right type of horses that can surely guarantee victories in races.