11 Reasons Why Exercising Will Make You Look and Feel Younger

The benefits of working out go beyond dropping pounds and getting fit muscles. It also gives you a healthy, glowing look. Whether you exercise by doing yoga, by running or hitting the gym, dozens you will experience a body revamp. Your skin may look brighter, or your confidence increases. Although these changes cannot be measured by scales or calipers, you will feel them. If you want to look or feel younger, it’s time to drop the creams and sweat off the years!

1.   Exercise increases your energy

A workout is like nature’s energy drink. It fires your body and brain, such that you feel more alive and vigilant. By putting your body in a state of arousal, it translates into a greater sense of wellbeing and makes you more energetic. That way, you can do your daily duties without much strain. Exercising gives you the vitality of a decade-younger you.

2.   Exercise makes the skin smoother and more radiant

Let’s start here; working up in sweat has the same effect as that of getting a mini-facial. However, there is more to it than sweat; exercising regulates the skin hormones, reduced inflammation and prevents radical damage. When you exercise, the mini arteries in your skin open up, which enables more blood to get to the skin’s surface; thus delivering nutrients to the skin. The nutrients facilitate repair damage and optimize collagen production. As you age, the collagen-producing cells in the skin become lazy and fewer. Therefore, the nutrients that get to the skin after working out makes these cells to work well, which makes you look younger than your age.

3.   Exercise improves posture

Due to bone density changes and muscle loss, your posture worsens as you age. Add strength training to your routine, and you will love your new, excellent posture, particularly along your spine and in your core. Over time, you will realize that you will stand taller naturally, which will enhance your physical appearance. People who have swayed backs find relief from core strengthening exercises like bird dogs, planks and farmer’s walks. Strengthening the upper back using free weights, machines or resistance with bands helps to stretch hunched shoulders.

4.   Exercise enhances your mood

Working out gives the runner’s high, which results from the production of feel-good hormones. When you are always active, your body releases endorphins and endocannabinoids, which are like natural opiates. The blissful mood boost can happen during any exercise activity, such as yoga, cardio or weightlifting. Exercising can also prompt changes in the neurotransmitters that are linked to pleasurable feelings like dopamine. The confidence boost you experience makes you feel happy too. If you are usually in a bad mood, consider exercising regularly.

5.   Exercise slows cell aging

Working out not only makes you feel younger, but it turns off the aging process in your chromosomes. It is associated with telomeres, which usually get shorter as you age. Exercising lengthens the telomeres, and longer telomeres are linked to a longer life. Recent studies have established a link between regular exercise and the lengthening of the telomeres, which suggests that activity can slow the clock and enable you to live longer. Although exercise does not guarantee a long life, it can increase your odds considerably.

6.   Exercise boosts confidence

When you are having a good day, and your confidence levels are at the roof, you usually radiate a certain charisma and physical appeal. Feelings of self-worth are associated with energy levels. Nothing looks more gorgeous on a person than feeling good in your skin. You will no longer have fine linesunder your eyes.

7.   Exercise reduces anxiety

Anxiety and uncertainty can drain your energy and lower your mood, which usually shows on your face and in how you carry yourself. The occurrence of anxiety across various ages is increasing steadily, with about 20 percent of adults suffering from anxiety disorders. Science has proved that exercise can reduce stress significantly, which helps in improving mood. If you want to suppress your anxiety symptoms, go for aerobic activities such as cycling, swimming and running.

8.   Exercise improves flexibility

Aging does not only make us rigid decision makers, but it also fixates your joints and muscles, leaving you with a rickety and stiff feeling. Regular exercising, such as pilates and yoga makes you bendy and loose. If you prefer doing cardio exercises, they can also improve your flexibility, but you should incorporate roller exercises.

9.   Exercise increases your metabolism

Your metabolism slows naturally as you age, making it harder to keep the pounds at bay. Luckily, you can schedule regular workout sessions to help you raise the number of calories you burn. This will help you to keep a stable, healthy weight. You will also increase the calories you burn by adding in resistance training to your exercise routine.

10.  Exercise increases the efficiency of your heart

Just like the other body muscles, your heart muscles weaken as you age. Therefore, the heart has a hard time pumping blood throughout your body, which increases stress and leaves you fatigued. Thankfully, moderate exercise is sufficient in strengthening your heart muscles. That way, it pumps blood that is rich in blood throughout the body, which reduces the strain.


11.  Exercise boosts immunity

Exercises revamp up the immune system, making sure that there is an adequate supply of white blood cells to fight infections and diseases. Therefore, the small wounds and blemishes heal fast. Exercising regularly will also boost the lymph system. Your body has about 500 lymph nodes, which are used to remove wastes from your cells. The result is that you will be less polluted, which means you will look energized and younger.

Exercise experts agree that the advantages of enhanced fitness get into virtually every system in our bodies. Any regular activity will help you look and feel younger than your actual age. The numerous perks that come with working out will leave you looking gorgeous and radiant.