9 Reasons Video Content Matters for Your Content Marketing Plan

What you see sticks to your mind and this is obviously an effective way to do marketing. Video marketing has over the past few years become a powerful promotional tool making it a great addition to your toolbox. One of the best reasons as to why videos are becoming popular is because they can be used to demonstrate the reality of how products and services are used and guide the audience to a point of seeing the actual results achieved.

If you have the resources to create videos for your content marketing, the audience is out there waiting and you can rest assured of great viewership as long as you have quality content to put out there. The best thing is that you do not need to invest a lot of money in order to enjoy great results. With the best camera, quiet environment and attractive background, you’re set to go. But why does video content matter when it comes to content marketing plan? Here are 9 reasons to consider: –

Video content gives your company a human face

Apart from providing your clients with the necessary information, video blogging gives your company a face which the audience can relate with. This brings you into people’s offices or homes as they watch what you have to offer while at the same time making it possible for them to identify more with what they are buying. That personal experience is absolutely important when it comes to marketing content and will do wonders for you.

Videos build trust

When it comes to conversion and sales, videos are amazingly effective in they help build trust. What people read may give them information but what they see adds to the level of trust that they are making the right choice in their purchase. It’s one thing to be told that a vlogging camera can do wonders and it’s another thing to be shown the results achieved using the same camera. As you seek to create a relationship with your potential clients, trust is paramount and videos can magically ignite this kind of trust.

Video content helps tap into the world of social media

If you’re like most of us, long content doesn’t appeal to you when it comes to the social media. Many people do not have time to scroll down long posts no matter how loaded they are with information. However, videos will always be catchy as they offer visual content thus making them a powerful addition to any marketer’s toolbox. If you want to enjoy a share of the every growing social media platform users, using video content is a must and it’s very effective.

Videos are a real SEO booster

First page search engine ranking is a real target for any marketer and vlogs offer a real chance to achieve this. When it comes to Google search, videos are normally given a priority especially those on YouTube which is a branch of Google. Combining video content with your blogs can give you an edge especially when you use long-tail keywords

Video content are truly informative

Have you ever tried explaining something in words only to find the process to be ineffective or coming short? This is not the case when it comes to video content. With vlogging, it is easy to take your audience through a step by step guide on products and services, spending only a few minutes for something that would otherwise take more. Videos offer self-explanatory visuals especially when you need to offer guidance to the audience on how things work. You can get the best vlogging camera under 100 and create explainer video for your homepage or other content and you’ll score it big.

Video content engages all and sundry

Whether educated or uneducated, informed or uninformed, videos will undoubtedly capture your attention. It’s very easy to consume video content when it comes to learning and this is true across the board. Rather than read long descriptive content, many people especially the young generation is opting for video content and that’s a good reason if you want to reach that demographic.

It’s cost effective to create content videos

The entry cost into vlogging is minimal when compared to other approaches. Apart from the best vlogging camera under 100 you can get, it is also easy to start your own channel with only your SmartPhone as long as you have high quality output. As a matter of fact, other tools you need are also cheap and these include a tripod and maybe an external microphone and you’re ready to go.

Videos are ideal for phone users

Mobile phones and videos are like twins. Millions of consumers spend a number of hours watching videos on their mobile phones on the go and this is evident when you look at the YouTube reports. Consumer videos are popular with many SmartPhone users and their audience is growing.

Google loves videos

Your audience is likely to spend more time on your website if you have quality videos than they would if you only have content. With good content, you will capture the attention of your audience, have them take longer on the site and this signals the search engines especially Google that your site has value. Just make sure you have some videos embedded on your site and you will have significant increase in traffic and ranking.

In conclusion, video blogging is the next big thing when it comes to content marketing plan. If you haven’t done it so far, just try your hands on this great tool and watch your conversion grow.