Game-Changing Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

There is really no point of having a beautifully designed area if you are sitting in the dark. This is why lighting is considered one of the essential elements of a room by the interior designers—because lighting can change how a room is seen in the eyes of an individual through light play, from the wall color to the art and to the floor, lighting can impact how it looks.

People tend to overlook lighting, David Gray, a sales manager of the Professional Division for Lamps Plus expressed that most people think that lighting should be done once known what is needed to lighten up, which is the opposite of what it should be—designing the room with lighting in mind. Ready to take your lighting game to the next level? Uncover these living room lighting idea gems to have a brighter and more beautiful area.

Create Layers of Light

Imagine how a masterpiece of an art is being done, the artist creates a strategic layer of colors to either emphasize or dramatize the scenario being painted in the canvas. Just like how art is made, the lighting of an area is important. The layers of light should bounce illumination all the way through a room to eliminate dark corners.

In this way, a successful lighting design is secured for your living room, by strategically combining a number of light sources on a layered level of a room.


If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling with or without a chandelier then you might probably be happy about this. The good ol’ classic chandeliers are the most elegant of all living room lighting fixtures which catch the attention of anyone inside a room since it is generally positioned in the center of the area.

Not only is this a work of art but it also is a room’s main source of illumination which fills the void between the ceiling and the living room’s space. Want to add something dramatic to your chandelier? Add dimmer switches in your chandelier’s lighting circuit so allow varying light levels.


If you’re new to this or are not familiar with it, sconces are lighting fixtures that are attached to the walls and are equipped with shades or glass diffusers to soften their emitted light since they are often installed at an eye level.

Sconces are often installed in pairs in living rooms, mostly over the mantelpiece or on both sides of the fireplace. By strategically placing these lighting fixtures, they help define the area’s focal point, providing accent lighting complimenting what you are aiming to compliment it for, which could also serve as mood lighting.

Additionally, there are decorative sconces for an added room beautification since not all light fixtures are designed primarily for luminescence. So, try adding decorative sconces to have accent lighting to add shape, texture, and contrast to walls.

Care for a Backup Source?

Of course, this depends on where in the world you live in, however, as what they have said: “prevention is better than cure”. Having a backup energy light source should be also one in your list because you may never know how handy it can be for you. As what was said earlier, a beautiful room is useless if you are sitting in the dark.

Look for some best home generator to suit your house’s power need. Not only that it is a great backup during a power outage, but it also helps the mains to supply the total power required for your energy consumption. That when the demand for power rises above the predicted level, that best home generator you got yourself would provide the extra power required.


You never really appreciate its importance until it is gone, which is why lighting fixtures are often taken for granted not until you are sitting in a dark room and can barely see a thing. You may have not grasped the importance of strategically placing your lighting fixtures but the interior designers do, so you might probably want to consult professionals for your home. If not, you can read more about how to properly position your lighting fixtures.