Social Media Can Actually Make You Feel Less Stressed

Right now there is a lot of hype about social media and well, there’s no doubt in the fact that the internet is taking all over the world. People are now getting more and more involved in social media than anything else in their life and this starts a debate of the effect of social media on our lives. If you’ll make some  research on social media and how it affects our stress levels, well, you are going to see a lot of people and bloggers telling you that you need a social media detox or the social media is actually stressing you out. However, today we are here to say something completely opposite to that and we do have proper justifications to it too.

Social Media And The Reality

Social media is actually a blessing and it can never stress anyone out until you exceed a limit of using it. You see, it’s all in our hands on how we want a particular thing to affect us. Social media is never meant for 24/7 use, it should not be an addiction for you instead it should be an entertainment for you. You should not put your hands on Facebook right after you wake up in fact you can just scroll down the newsfeed while you’re having breakfast alone. The whole point is that it’s us who are making things difficult for ourselves and we can clearly not blame it all on social media.  This is no justification that just because social media is addictive, its increasing our stress levels, that’s a whole wrong concept and people need to realize with some common sense that social media is helping us cope with our stress levels instead of giving us stress.

How Is Social Media Helping Us With Our Stress Levels?

1.  It’s a great distraction

First and foremost thing to agree upon is that social media is the best thing that can help you get distracted easily. Now whenever you are in a stressful situation, what would you wish for? It is but very obvious that you’d want someone to distract you and help you relax your mind and that’s achievable with the help of social media. You are in stress, you just got scolded from your boss or the negative thoughts are overcoming you? Well, turn on Facebook or Instagram and get lost in the online world, we assure you that not permanently but yes, you will get distracted temporarily and all your stress will be gone as soon as you open up any application on your phone.

2.  It helps in business

If you are stressed about making money and if you aren’t able to think of any more ideas then social media is again here to help you with that. You don’t have to do much thinking on this topic, just make an account on Instagram, get real instagram likes and start an e-commerce store of your own. Or you can use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc to promote your existing business that’s in crisis or start a new one and make huge money in a short time period.

3.  Connecting with other people

Social media is all about connecting people and well, this can actually help in relieving stress. Think about it, whenever you are in stress or suffering through depression, the only  thing you need is for someone to be there for you and listen to what you have to say. Well, if someone you love isn’t near you or he/she can’t come when you are in stress then social media is there to wave off all the distances between you two and you can easily share or talk your heart out to them whenever you feel like crying or hopeless.

These are just a few  justifications of how social media helps people in stress instead of giving stress. There’s a lot more to read on the internet about the advantages and benefits of social media. Again, at the end we’d say that it’s all on us humans on how we treat social media, remember, it should not be your addiction in fact it should just be your entertainment.