How to Use a Sleep Calculator to Get the Best Sleep

Most of the people suffer from the sleep problem and we got too many questions about how he/ she can get the best sleep. Well, there are a lot of ways that help to sleep better such as soft pillows, comfortable mattress like memory foam mattress,hybrid mattress,purple mattress etc, low lighting condition, proper diet, regular exercise, avoiding alcohol, nicotine and caffeine & many more.

Even there is a memory foam mattress for side sleepers if you prefer resting on your side as well. But today, we’ll talk about a tip which is quite easy, costless, and effective! It’s a habitual tip; and this is called sleep calculator.

What is Sleep Calculator?

Thesleep calculatormeans a calculation that let you have your required sleep time. It’s very easy to calculate the right time of going to bed in order to fulfill your sleep cycle. The sleep calculator is the measurement of time when you have to go to the bed for sleeping. Use sleep calculator for your kids for better sleeping.

Sleep Goals:

The first step of sleep calculation is to set up a sleep goal. Without a goal, you can’t calculate your sleep duration properly. So, you need to set up the sleep goal according to your activity level, requirement of the body, your working hour etc. there are mainly 5 sleep cycles in a day. You can take your cycles in one part or two parts too. Just make sure that, you get the sufficient rest for your body. The sleep calculator basically needs your sleep information to ensure the best result.

Targeting the Ideal Bedtime for You:

We often face a question from the people that, what time should I go to bed?

Well, the answer to the question can’t be described in one word. That’s because it depends on some factors. You may know that you should go to the bed early and wake up early in the morning too. But do you know what the exact time is?

Actually, you have to make your bedtime on your own according to your need; and obviously, by filling the sleep cycle properly! Let me make it clear to you with an example. Suppose, your work starts at 7 AM in the morning.

So, you have to calculate the sleeping time and find out the time for bed by filling your cycles before 6 AM (you need some time for refresh, breakfast and morning exercise).

Remember, you can’t adjust the sleeping time instantly. You need some time for the adjustment. Don’t be hopeless, keep trying.

The Calculation of Ideal Bedtime:

The calculation is so simple and easy. You just need to set up your wake-up time first. We mentioned earlier, there are 5 sleep cycles and each cycle is 90 minutes long in average. So, you have to complete the sleep for 90×5=450 minutes or 7.5 hours (5 cycles are standard, but you can also complete 4 cycles or 6 hours of sleep).

So, you must complete the 7.5 hours of sleep before 6 AM (according to the previous example). Now, go back 7.5 hours from 7 AM. It’s 11.30 PM of the night; lights off! This means, if you go to bed at 11.30 PM, then you’ll complete the entire 5 sleep cycles in time.

But we always recommend going to bed 15-20 minutes before the actual time for the bed. That’s because we often have to do some bedtime work(s). Additionally, it takes you around 25 minutes to fall asleep and another 25 minutes to wake up properly. But don’t worry, 85% or sleep cycle is enough for anybody.

It’s a Great Way for Sleep:

The sleep calculator isn’t only the way to sleep more, it’s also the way to sleep better. The sleep calculator helps for increasing both quality & quantity of the sleep which is necessary for maintaining the mental & physical health and their functions. On the other hand, you definitely know how important the proper sleep is; in order to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.