The Negative Side Effects Of Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee is a specialized type of coffee which is prepared by removing or stripping caffeine from the brew. Although, coffee is the favourite beverage of the caffeine addicts but there are a lot of such people who do not find caffiene much fascinating and they therefore, get their coffee decaffeinated. It is noteworthy here that not even the decaf coffee is completely caffeine free, it contains some amount of caffeine within it. Caffeine is considered to be good for health and there are multiple health related side effects of decaffeinated coffee.


  • Adverse effects on bone density


Bone density is an immensely important part of the overall health index of humans. Decaffeinated coffee is known to enhance the risk of osteoporosis and therefore, it is advised to not consume decaf coffee. Bone minerals are known to have alkalizing effect on the on the overall metabolic acidity. High acidity balance in the blood leads to negative balance of calcium and depletion of minerals.


  • Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition related to the inflammation of joints. According to a recent research consumption of more than three cups of decaf coffee in a day leads to enhanced risks of rheumatoid arthritis. It is also believed that consuming approximately three cups of tea in a day can cure the damage caused by consumption of decaf coffee.


  • Increases bad cholesterol


LDL is the bad cholesterol which is known to affect individuals very adversely. It is due to the consumption of decaf coffee that the levels of LDL is also enhanced. In accordance with a study conducted by the American Heart Association, decaf coffee enhances the levels of apolipoprotein.


  • Enhances metabolic acidity


A;though, coffee itself is extremely acidic in nature and is known to enhance the levels of acid within the body of the individuals but decaf coffee is known to enhance the same more than the regular coffee. Apart from that decaf coffee is also known to enhance gastroesophageal reflux in the body. The entire ability of causing acidity can later on lead to ulcers in the body. People suffering from stomach ulcers are advised to stay clear off coffee due to same reason.


  • Increases the levels of gastrin


Gastrin is an essential hormone present in human body as it is known to boost the release of acid within the body and decaf coffee is known to increase the levels of gastrin.  Apart from that it is also responsible for another important hormone trypsin. It is due to this reason that it enhanced the metabolic acids present within the body. It is therefore, not advised to consume decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee is undoubtedly the favourite beverage of a large majority of individuals and the consumption of the same is quite advised as well. But, the same isn’t true when we talk about Decaf coffee due to the associated drawbacks of the same. Mentioned in the above section of the blog are some of the extremely serious side effects of consumption of decaf coffee.