3 Tips to Keep Your Aging Family Members Healthy and Happy

The elderly in the family is an essential part of any unit and need to be well taken care of. Becoming old is part of life, and while many children do not imagine their parents getting older and unable to perform simple tasks that they could easily do, it is bound to happen. While some old individuals are still capable and healthy, for some the effects that come with old age take a toll on them. Some of the effects of old age may range from changes in physical and emotional well-being to changes in health. Lifeline personal service is a service formulated to ensure the well-being of your aging family members as you go on about your day. Lifeline offers you the lifeline alarm which acts as a lifeline phone that gains access to our healthcare providers. Some of the tips that we recommend to ensure the well-being of your aging family members are as follows:

  1. Ensure their daily living needs are met

Daily living needs are essentials such as food, personal hygiene (bathing), dressing, mobility (movement in the house and outside the home) and their toiletry needs. For instance, if you have stairs in your home and your mum is in a wheelchair, then you will have to make adjustments to the house. This way your elderly mom can go up and down the stairs easily.

  1. Ensure their living arrangements are intact

The well-being of your aging family members is inclusive of who they interact with on a day to day basis. If they are alone, then their emotional well being will be affected because of the loneliness. Make sure their living arrangements are in place, and what they are comfortable with. Living arrangements include living at home or with siblings, assisted living homes and living communities. At Lifeline, you can install the lifeline phone for your aging members so that in case they need assistant they can just press the button, and our care providers will avail themselves.

  1. Finances

This is the most important of all factors as taking care of the elderly can cost you a bit much than is expected. Nowadays there are a lot of government benefits and programs that can assist you with finances for your aging family members. Take advantage of this to ensure that the elderly in your family have everything they need to live comfortably.

Use Lifeline Personal Services:

Our lifeline alarm service is specially made for aging family members that are disabled or frail, and you are incapable of being with them 24/7. Contact us today to get your lifeline phone installed and get our services.