Senior Care 101: Five Different Types of Care Explained

The majority of the seniors at a certain age will reach a point where they will have to depend on others for their well-being. Often the initial impulse in most families is one of their family members serves as a primary caregiver but soon realize it is unsustainable. The job of caregiving is a difficult task which needs a lot of energy and time. So, the next best step will be to go for senior care.

5 Different Types of Senior Care Explained

Although senior care services are available in different types, the 5 best are as follows,

  • Memory Care- Today senior care facilities are available that offer a dedicated space to those who are victims of Alzheimer’s. There are also others that exclusively take care of seniors having impaired memory. Such people need support 24 hours and carefully selected activities that will not compromise both on their well-being as well as safety.
  • Senior Independent Living Community-This is an ideal choice for seniors having few medical problems and is active and fit enough for living an independent life. It is an apartment that is available in various sizes. The best part about living here is that the resident will have access to meals that are customized and also enjoy social outings.
  • Dementia Care-Dementia is a common problem that most seniors experience, but there is nothing to worry as dementia care facilities are readily available these days. They will offer comprehensive assistance to the patient with day to day activities, community and social events and also skilled nursing. Depending on the state regulations, they can be given medication as well. Usually, seniors get a semi-private or private room, housekeeping and laundry services, and meals.
  • 55+ Community-This will be the right choice for active seniors that desire to surround themselves with people that are like-minded in the same stage of life. The 55 and older communities will offer a plethora of services including barber shops and salons, planned activities, crafts and arts room, game rooms and social areas, libraries and computer rooms, controlled or gated access, emergency call systems, elevators, community laundry facilities or in-unit dryers and washers, step-in showers, lighted and walk-in closets, walking paths, swimming pools, fitness centers and more.
  • Home Care-This form of care will allow seniors to continue taking pleasure of the independence and comfort to stay in their home. The caregiver will be hired to offer help with dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and other daily activities. Besides they will also take care of transportation, paying bills and making appointments. Caregivers are available for certain days in a week, specific hours or 24/7 as per the need.

Today, there is no shortage when it comes to senior care options that offer various styles of assistance and living resting on the elderly loved one’s needs. The above mentioned are the top 5, there are many other choices that you can explore to find the most appropriate care for your aged relative.