5 Reasons Why People Still Prefer Gold Diamond Rings for Engagements

Every engagement ring should be something special! It stands for the promise of a lifetime together. Women are more involved with their engagement ring than men. It’s because women are more drawn to jewelry than men. However, when it comes to the engagement ring, everyone wants to stick to the traditional golden diamond ring and add variations to it. And it’s not just because they want to play it safe. Over decades couples have been selecting the golden diamond ring over other metals and semi-precious stones. The reasons are varied. Let us have a look at some of the essential reasons for the same.

  1. Gold itself is available in several variations

A gold diamond engagement ring can be designed both in white and yellow gold. You also have the chance to customize design in rose gold. Furthermore, designs on gold metal are easy to execute. Also, the metal doesn’t lead to any finger rash and is long lasting. You can select the diamond size and shape on your golden ring. If you need help to customize a design, you can refer to a gold diamond ring at JannPaul and the like and take the necessary inspiration.

  1. White gold is as good as platinum

Some couples want to sport a platinum ring. But it could be that they don’t have the required budget to opt in for it. It is where white gold walks in and can be an excellent substitute. It helps you to sport a platinum look at a half price. The surface sheen and the overall look is impressive. You can use yellow, white or black diamond or a mix of it on the white gold ring. It will give the engagement ring a unique look than the conventional engagement rings.

  1. White gold is durable than yellow gold

If you’re wondering whether you’ve taken the right call by selecting white gold, the answer is yes! Based on the alloy mix white gold offers better stability and durability than yellow gold. The chances of white gold getting scratched or dinged are very less. So, for women who are always on the move, this is a fantastic option for an engagement ring.

  1. Gold of any type is timeless

Even though white gold is more durable than yellow gold, that doesn’t make gold as a metal to shine any bit less. Gold brings in symbols and connotations of eternal love, purity, and strength. All these qualities make gold the perfect metal for customizing engagement rings.

  1. Gold is adaptable to both old and new age engagement ring designs

Some women want their engagement rings vintage, classy and timeless! And there’s another section of women who would prefer their diamond engagement rings to be sleek, trendy and contemporary with minimal designs. Gold does justice to both and looks good in both the design forms.

So, have you been planning to opt in for a gold diamond engagement ring? If yes, then check out the various online jewelry brands and select your preferred diamond gold engagement ring. Make sure that you choose from only the best brand that offers both excellent products and value for money.