How to Fall Asleep Faster and Easier

The night comes, yet your biological clock seems to not agree with it. You may know that you need to go to sleep, but actually falling asleep seems to be way to difficult. Most adults need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every day to properly the day after. Not getting enough sleep may reduce mental acuity the following day and may lead to a series of circulatory and mental health problems as you get older.

Sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences, which is why learning how to fall asleep is important for both your health and well-being:

Detach yourself from everything one hour before going to bed

If your life is hectic and fast-paced during the day, it may prove difficult to slow down during the night. There are so many distractions and stimuli around that actually learning how to relax may prove a real challenge. Reading a book before going to bed can be quite relaxing and it will also tire your eyes.

Have a hot shower

A short hot shower can be quite relaxing and will help your mind detach. A warm shower will slow your heart rate and digestion, thus facilitating a pleasant dozing off. Also, having a shower before going to bed means that you’ll be clean when going to bed. Hence, your sheets will also stay cleaner.

Pull your socks on

A hot shower isn’t the only way you can warm and relax your body. To optimize body temperature, it’s best that you lower the temperature of your torso and increase the temperature of your extremities. Socks will help dilate blood vessels, thus stimulating blood flow, which will help you fall asleep faster.

Don’t go to bed if you’re not feeling sleepy

Trying to force yourself to go to sleep early may not yield the desired results. Your body won’t be in “sleep mode”, and you’re only going to be annoyed because of it. Also, it’s important that your body associates the bed with sleep (and one other thing, of course).

Keep your watch out of sight

Continuously staring at your watch won’t help you go to sleep. It will only make you feel stressed, especially if you’ve been trying for a few minutes to fall asleep with no results. Also, if you keep looking at the time on your phone, you may feel tempted to check your e-mails, messages or Facebook notifications.

Write down your thoughts

If you can’t sleep because you have too many thoughts in your head, a good way to “get tired” is to start writing. Maybe you just need to get rid of the excess energy bottled up in your head.

Consider sleep aids

If all else fails and you desperately need your beauty sleep for the busy day ahead, then you may consider certain supplements that will help regulate the chemicals in your brain which regulate the sleep cycle.

Phenibut is one of the best sleep aids and you can buy Phenibut online as a supplement from reputable vendors located in the US or the EU. Phenibut makes it easier to go to sleep and also greatly improves sleep quality. Melatonin is another popular supplement used by many people who experience problems going to sleep.