Planning to Host a Party? A Quick Checklist for Party Planners

Parties, big or small, grand or just a get-together at home, friends-only parties or family-only parties needs thorough planning if you want your event to become a memory to cherish forever for your guests. Party planning is a fast-growing industry, and there is no limit to innovation and use of advanced technology, for making any party a memorable experience. Right from the venue, to the food, décor, theme, dress codes, return gifts and entertainment for guests, there is a massive checklist of things to be considered and done while planning a party. Singapore Premiers Party Planner is the best in the industry, given their expertise and professionalism in innovative event management.

We have created a checklist of things to do, a month before, two weeks earlier, a day before, on the day, and after the party is over. Note below.

A Month Before

  • Decide your budget

A budget draws a line on your expenses. It sets an idea about how much to spend on which aspect of the party. A little consideration and investment of time and energy can let you organize a party of your choice and within your pre-decided budget. Renting a place, arrangements for food, traveling, entertainment, event planner fees, etc. are some of the main heads of expenditure.

  • Decide the theme

Deciding on the themelays the foundation for any event. An idea guides all the upcoming next steps of party planning. If it’s a kid’s birthday party then one can go for themes like Cinderella, superheroes, cartoon characters, Barbie dolls, wildlife, etc. if it’s an adult’s house party, one can go for themes such as back to prom, 1980s dance and music parties, Arabian nights, back to college, old Hollywood style, etc.

  • Location, date, and time

Where is the crucial question? Depending on the scale, one can decide to either go for a party at the house of the party at any particular venue. Whether it will be organized inside an enclosed space or in a garden, at a restaurant or a lounge, are some of the essential questions to be considered as it is a crucial determining factor of the success of your party. Also, choose the date and time wisely as in case of holidays, weekends or vacations, people might not be able to take out time for your party.

  • Decide the menu

Will you serve complete meals or simple munchies, snacks, and beverages? It also depends on the time of your party. For a more extensive scale party, you may go for caterer services and for a kid’s party, home cooked food will be the best unless you have invited a huge number of guests. There is no limit to creativity even when it comes to food. For kids get together, try to serve food items in cute shapes and choose platters that go with the theme.

Two Weeks before

  • Create a detailed outline of the programme

Now that you have the fundamentals of the party done, it’s time for you to sit and create an overview of the programme in details. When will the party begin, what will be the starter food items, what forms of entertainment will be apt, finalizing deals with the caterers, venue owners, renting or buying equipment, designing invites, etc.?

  • Sending Invites

Whether you have got them printed or you want to go for only e-invites, the choice is on the party hosts. It is time to send the invites and check whether all your important guests are available on the chose dates.

  • Equipment

At this point, you have a clear idea about the party. Ascertain the stuff that you will require such as music systems, sound system, loudspeakers, microphones, equipment related to the entertainment, projectors, etc.

  • Vendors

Decoration, food, balloons, flower arrangements – the larger the party, the more are the vendors to deal with them. Now is the time, to negotiate with them and finalize the contract, terms of agreements, charges, advance payments, concluding on the quality of service to be offered by the vendors, payment terms, staff or assistance required on the D-Day, etc.

  • Promotions on media channels

Did you create a page of your event on various social media channels? If not, then now is the time. The event’s page must outline the crucial details of the event such as the date, time, venue, programme, etc. You can also request the visitors of the page to drop a message for general queries. That can help you manage the RSVPs better. In case of any changes or updates, you can directly mention on the event page for better coordination. Promote your party in a way that viewers and visitors of the page await your party pictures and get eager to know how it all went.

A day before 

  • Visit the venue once

Do visit the place to have a first-hand idea of the preparations and arrangements. There might be last minute compromises and changes. It is crucial to know about them so that there is no compromise on the convenience for your guests. Test the sound equipment and check for internet connectivity.

  • Send a reminder

Send reminders to your guests about your party. That might prove to be helpful for those guests who have entirely forgotten to mark your event on their calendar.

On the D-Day

  • Final Review: Review seating arrangements, check whether the welcome snacks and drinks are ready, and check if the photographers and videographers are in place. Ensure that there is someone to greet the guests at the entrance; coordinate with the party planners and their staff, and have a final check of the venue yourself.

After the party

  • Did you thank the guests?

This is so important. Keep a thank you note in the return gift bag or say it in person along with the good-byes.

  • Collect feedback

It makes a lot of sense to drop a message after the party or ask them over the phone as to how they enjoyed the party.

  • Clean-up

If you just had a party at your place, thorough cleaning is a must. Hire professionals or get assistance.

  • Track the money spent

Key to money management is keeping a constant record of expenses and measuring against the set budget.

Make use of the checklist mentioned above. Have a checklist for a smooth party management experience!