Useful Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers Like You and Me

It seems to be that yoga attracts many people day by day. Yoga is now a lifestyle of all ages. I remember a friend saying that her life totally changed when she joined yoga. I believe that yoga is a good influence on a person’s well-being.

Therefore, looking for gift ideas for yoga lovers became easy. Do you want some help? Here are some that I eagerly suggest!

1.  Yoga Mat

Of course, the first item that comes into your mind is the mat. The quality of the mat matters most during the yoga practice. The more comfort it offers the user, the best a gift it can be. A mat that does not absorb smell and sweat, light to carry and is toxin-free are qualities of a good yoga mat.

Choose a mat that can support the weight well. If it can, then you can eliminate using elbow and knee paddings. Try types that are reversible too, the bright color design is lovely on both sides. The mat is where a yogi spend most of the practice, so a mat is a practical idea.

2.  Yoga Mat Bag

It would be a lot convenient when a yogi owns a yoga mat bag. Then bringing a roll of mat for the yoga activity would be easier. When picking a yoga mat bag for a gift, choose the type of bag that you can wear like a sling bag.

Choose the kind that has an adjustable shoulder strap. It would be nice if you will choose the bag that has pouches for your keys, gadgets, and other stuff.

3,  Customized T-shirt

Would it be great that you can customize a T-Shirt design that expresses the passion for yoga? I am sure yogi would love to wear a T-shirt that promotes yoga or something related to it. This T-shirt is an excellent example.

Available at

4,  Yoga Leggings/pants

The best pair of yoga leggings makes a complete yoga outfit. Workout or yoga leggings must have a stretchable fabric for a comfortable movement that a yogi performs in each class. Check the latest fashion for yogis and pick the type that is soft and flexible but provides strong support as well.

5.  Yoga Non-slip Socks

With all the movements and stretching, would it be best to wear a sock that can provide safety for yogis? Non-slip socks are a great gift idea for yoga lovers and areessential in every yoga session. Besides, it does not cost much and is handy as a gift.

You would notice that there are different designs to choose from like low ankle, toes-free, thick, full toe grip, and crossovers. It must have a pattern of grippy silicone at the bottom to make it non-slip.

6.  Yoga Towel

I don’t need to stress that yoga sessions area perfect activity to perspire. A yoga towel comes in handy when a yogi needs to wipe away those healthy sweats. Make sure that you choose the soft, absorbent and is easy to wash. Since it is available in a variety of colors, it would be nice to pick the favorite color of the person you who will receive the gift.

7.  Aromatherapy: A set containing Oil Diffuser and Essentials Oils

A yogi lifestyle does not only focus on yoga classes. Aromatherapy and yoga go together as always. What would be the best gift idea than this? After sweating out, yogis love to relax and indulge in aromatherapy.

8.  Sports Bra

A good sports bra offers the support and comfort needed by a woman who practices yoga. It’s a good thing that yogis doesn’t need a heavy-duty bra, so your choices widen into different styles. You will have fun picking among the pretty, sexy, and trendy styles on the market

9.  Water Bottle

Is it a common idea for a gift? I don’t think so. Avoid dehydration during and after a rigid exercise.

Hence, you need to replace the water lost when sweating. A water bottle is indeed a practical gift for a yoga lover and for everyone who loves to workout. Choose the water bottle with the right size, color, and nice prints.


If you are a yogi, it wouldn’t be that hard to think of gift ideas for yoga lovers. I believe that it is easy to look for a gift when you know the person well so that you can pick the right item that she would appreciate. Focus on what she needs and likes.

I suggest adding a touch of her personality is a good idea. Make the gift a package that makes the person own the gift. Memorable presents stay not only in the person’s memory but in her heart as well. Thus, good luck with your gift shopping!