Improve Your Health With These 6 Plants In Your Home

Much scientific proof exists that you should add plants to living environments or workspaces in order to reduce stress and gain many other interesting health benefits. Many know about the therapeutic effects associated with gardening and plant caring but you may not be aware of the following plants that have some extra interesting advantages when grown indoors. We will focus on those that are particularly good for the air inside your home.

 1.  Golden Pothos

This is a plant that removes many different harmful chemicals from the air, including trichloromethyl and benzene. You can find benzene in detergent, paint andglue.

What is really interesting with the golden photos is that they are quite hard for you to kill. If you do not know much about growing plants in doorsand no tillplanter parts, you can start with them as a great learning option.

2.  Garden Mums

These are great for adding color to home décor and are pretty good for indoorair. They are capable of removing benzene, xylene, formaldehyde andammonia. If you want to grow garden mums, you should know they need filtered, bright light and should be placed close to windows. They are watered when soilis dry and plantdoes not appear wilted.

3.  English Ivy

You can grow ivies at other houseplants’ base. Alternatively, they can be put in simple hanging baskets. It was proven that they are capable of filtering out formaldehyde. Also, according to a report by HuffPost, English Ivy is the best air-filtering houseplant you can have at the moment. CNN even reported that this houseplant is perfect for those that have smoke sensitivity.

If you want to grow English ivy you should know that it does prefer indirect light. You want to be sure that the plant does not dry out. This is all you really need to know. English ivy is easy to grow.

4.  Peace Lilies

Peace lilies can remove formaldehyde, benzene and different other chemicals that appear due to using some harsher cleaning products. It is also a wonderful plant for many since it will bloom in an indoor setting. Place it close to a window but in indirect light. It only has to be watered when soilis dry. Be particularly careful to not add too much water.

5.  Ferns

You surely saw ferns in many different homes. This is because they are really easy to grow. They are capable of increasing air humidity, which is a welcomedboost for many. It is also pretty good for your skin since you do not want it to become dry. Ferns need soil that is wet but should never be soggy, so irrigation is quite important. Only indirect light is needed.

6.  Snake Plant

This is a really good plant for the bedroom. It removes both formaldehyde and benzene, all while releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide during nights. Make sure that the soil is dry between watering. Also, only place snake plants in indirect light as too much sunlight would be too much.

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