Here’s How New Film Equipment is Changing the Way Movies are Made

While everyone is fighting about the cons of the digital age, movie buffs cannot complain. Watching old classics is always nostalgic, but we cannot look past the mobile phones that looked like bricks and the computers that looked like soapboxes. We have come far, and the release of movies like Meg, Mad Max Fury Road, and The Avengers are clear proof of that. If you ever find time to look at one of the behind-the-scenes videos from any of these movies on YouTube, you will be amazed! Technology has helped directors, writers, cinematographers and VFX artists give shape to their dreams.

Holding our breath for 3D glasses

One of the things we would love is the launch of the glasses-free 3D movies. We always double check the rental glasses for scratches. Heck! Some people have even invested in their personal 3D glasses for their love for action films. There is nothing we would love more than watching a movie free from the frames. Right now, all eyes are on James Cameron and his work on Avatar 2. The sequel to the 2009 super hit will hit theatres in 2020, and it should bring new tech to life.

AR and VR are on their way

Although you must have already experienced AR and VR, it must have been at smaller scales. Apart from tradeshows, immersive adverts, a few YouTube videos, and special edition games Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality has not made the commercial debut due to the high costs of the production film equipment. Apart from giving the viewers an immersive experience, it also aims at providing a smart solution to the piracy and third-party distribution problems many movie makers face. After the launch of Pokémon Go, people have been very hopeful for a future of VR and AR cinemas.

What advantages is the film industry enjoying already?

These were a few possibilities in the recent future. However, for the last few years technology has been helping movie makers already. Here’s a neat list of the things filmmakers, producers, and the actors got due to the advent of modern science and engineering –

3D printing sets and accessories

Each of these pieces of equipment and the sets came from 3D printing. The designers first executed their ideas digitally and then transformed them into tangible forms with the help of 3D printers.

  • Peter Quill’s spaceship in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The spaceship in Ex Machina.
  • Futuristic sets in Avengers: The Age of Ultron

Lighting and balance

Each film we watch now has the perfect light balance and continuity. We do not see the brightness jump suddenly, and the colors change the tone. It has been possible due to the presence of light settings as well as the availability of color correction software for post-production work.

Mass drone use

Drones are an interesting way to develop indie and experimental films. We have already watched short movies shot on iPhones. Now it is time to give the multi-angle mass drone shots a change. They are cheaper than helicopters, and safer than other airborne shooting methods. Drones are quickly becoming the favorite of daring directors, who want to try something different.

All in all, the future of films is very bright. There is a lot of variety waiting for us. It will bring new, budget-friendly possibilities for the directors, and it will also make watching movies a lot interesting for the buffs.

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