6 Ways To Ensure That Your Job is Good For Your Well-being

Receiving a job offer shortly after graduating college is exciting and might make you feel like all the hard work finally paid off. Even though you might be eager to say “yes” to the job offer as soon as you get it, it’s important to consider whether or not the job is good for your well-being.

1.  Workplace Morale

It might be difficult to get a good feel for workplace morale when you visit your potential employer for an interview or tour, but you should get a good sense of the morale or atmosphere.

Do employees engage with one another? Do they look in your direction and smile or say hello? During your interview, did your potential employer talk about social events in the workplace such as casual Fridays or special lunches?

There’s more to workplace morale than a little wave and smile, but these small signs can indicate whether or not the morale is healthy and high.

2.  Taking Breaks and Moving Around

Every company is required to provide adequate breaks for the employees, but the way in which the company encourages them may say a lot about the “wellness” of the company. For instance, many occupations require sitting for hours on end at a desk.

Research shows that sitting for an extended period can be unhealthy and even getting up and moving around for five minutes every hour can help prevent some health issues, like blood clots, from occurring.

Does your potential employee encourage every employee to move around when needed or are their strict rules to staying at your desk until an official break? Does the company have a walking club at lunchtime or offer desk alternatives like a stand-up or walking desk for those who don’t want to sit?

While it may seem small, it’s important to consider things like the freedom to move around before accepting a job offer.

3.  Encouraging A Healthy Lifestyle

Most people spend a majority of their day in the workplace. Working out before or after work can be difficult due to time constraints or a lack of motivation. When considering becoming an employee of a company, see if (and how) they encourage employees to get and stay healthy.

For example, some workplaces create teams and sign-up for a charity 5k or have “pedometer challenges” within the company or as a friendly competition between departments. Not only do these kinds of events encourage employee wellness, but they also provide an opportunity for employees to connect and give back to the community.

4.  Opportunities To Volunteer

Research suggests that volunteering can be a big boost to your wellness. Whether you’re expanding your social circle or just feel better about yourself, volunteering is great for your physical and mental health.

Having the opportunity to volunteer through your company is becoming the “norm” and not only is it beneficial to the wellness of the employees, but it can boost the health of the company, too. Employees that volunteer are typically happier and more productive workers.

5.  Employee Safety Is Valued

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousands of employees suffer from strains and sprains or trips and falls in the workplace. While most of these injuries can heal, they often require missed days from work (which can affect the employee and the company).

Although some industries are more hazardous than others, no employee is completely safe from a potential work-related injury. Before you accept a job offer, it’s important to make sure that your soon-to-be employer has Workers Compensation Insurance and there are safety procedures in place.

6.  The Employer Listens To Feedback

Most of us have worked for at least one feedback that didn’t listen to feedback or react well when employees spoke up about their concerns. Not having your voice heard can cause stress and affect the morale of a workplace.

An employer that values the wellness of its employees should not only be open to feedback but encourage it on a regular basis. Even if the employer can’t resolve every issue, taking the time to listen to others is healthier for everyone.

What Do You Think Makes A Workplace Healthier?

Every person has different wellness needs when it comes to his or her job. Before you accept a job offer, make a list of the things that you want for the job and make sure that the employer meets those needs.

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