8 Unique Ways you can Commemorate Your Passed Loved Ones

There are many ways to commemorate a loved one following their passing. Read this post to find out some of the ways in which you can do so.

The aftermath of losing a loved one is a difficult time. While you may be struggling finding the best way to commemorate the person who has passed away, the truth is there isn’t a right or wrong way. Throughout this post we’re going to show you 8 ways in which you can remember a loved one.

1.  Turn ashes into glass:

One way in which you can immortalise a loved one following their cremation is by turning their ashes into glass. S. Stibbards & Sons, funeral directors in Eastwood, believe that there are many creative and thoughtful ways in which you can use someone’s ashes. One way that they recommend is by turning their ashes into glass.

Cremated ashes can be used to form a plethora of manmade items, such as jewellery and ornaments. This means that not only can the ashes be formed into something beautiful but also immortalised into an item that can be cherished and used as an heirloom for generations to come.

2.  Place their ashes in an urn:

If you would prefer a more traditional route, putting the ashes of the departed in an urn is another option. A lot of people like this option as it can make you feel that your loved one is still with you in some way. This can also be consoling for those who are not living with other people and can help their struggles with grief and loneliness following the person’s passing.

3.  Dedicate a memorial bench to your loved one:

This is another thoughtful idea that can also stand the test of time. While you can place your memorial bench wherever you like it is common to place them in an area that your beloved enjoyed spending time in. As well as providing a memorial to your loved one this can also be somewhere that you go to contemplate, think about them or just pass and smile.

If you feel like this is something you would be interested in contact your local council to discuss the plot that you would like the bench to be placed. They will then give you a quote on how much this will cost and provide some options of different companies which supply memorial benches. If you would prefer a cost effective alternative you can seek a bench out from a local DIY store and then have the inscriptions completed elsewhere.

4.  Plant a tree:

Similarly to a memorial branch it may also be a nice idea to have this planted in a place that your loved one frequented (providing it’s possible). A popular idea among people who do this is that every year after the tree has been planted they cut off some of the branches and place them in their home for a period of time.

This can be a beautiful idea to remember someone by due to the symbolism of the tree. It shows that even though someone has gone they stay with you and continue to grow as you do the same.

5.  Have an annual day of celebration:

While this might seem like an odd idea, in many countries and cultures across the globe this is a popular method for remembering any late loved ones. For example, in Mexico the ‘Day of the Dead’ is celebrated every year by friends and families of those who have passed away to remember them and pay their respects.

While this doesn’t mean you have to go any great lengths, it may be a nice idea to share pastimes with friends and families that your late loved one would have enjoyed. It will also give you the opportunity to reminisce about them and help you to feel that they are still part of you life.

6.  Fire your loved one’s ashes into space:

This may be a good option if your loved one was someone with a real thirst for adventure. What better way to recognise than firing them into the stratosphere? While this might seem quite an alien idea it is possible to do but may cost you well in excess of £2,500 so do your research if this is an option that appeals to you.

7.  Turn their ashes into vinyl:

Another different method, like turning ashes into glass, is to turn them into vinyl. This can be considerate way to commemorate your loved one if they were a music lover. As opposed to having your vinyl as something just to look at, you can have a track put onto the vinyl, pick your own cover art and spin the vinyl on a record player. Not only will this provide you with a tangible object to remember your loved one by, but it also means you can eternalise them through art and align their character with a song that matches them.

8.  Scatter their ashes:

For those who are pining for a more orthodox way to use your loved one ashes, scattering them in a place that they loved or cherished can also be a great option. The great thing about doing this is that for the large part you don’t need to seek permission from local councils to do this (unless you’re aiming to do scatter them on a public landmark). This means that you’ll have loads of options to choose from and this can all be done in your own time when you feel ready to let go of them.
But remember, you don’t have to scatter all of the ashes. If you feel like you are torn between two or more ideas, then don’t feel like you have to pigeon hole yourself into one idea. Only you know the best way to commemorate your passed loved ones.

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