8 Time Management Tips to Help You Never Be Late Again

For some, being late is common, for others it’s an accident. But regardless of the reasons time late is high on the list of the most harmful habits both in daily life and in work. Delay can show you in a bad light as an employee, job seeker or friend. Often it’s the cause of unnecessary stress.

The habit of being late stroked root over the years and became second nature. But psychologists say: you can develop punctuality in yourself at any age. It’s a character trait and it can be formed. All you need are willpower and daily control. We have collected some tips that will help you to learn not to be late and form a new habit.

1.  Find out the little things that take up your time

First you need to determine the little things that take up your time, distract or worsen the concentration. For some, this is e-mail, for other web surfing, social networks or even office gossip. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize that often you like these things and can’t imagine a day without them. But you need to be stricter towards yourself and understand that these little things steal your time and distance from the goals.

2.  Plan your day in the evening

Before going to sleep, remember all the things that you have to do tomorrow. Prioritize them, estimate the time that you need to do all the work and on the road. In order not to forget anything – make a list and put a time frame for each item. For example, “The road to work – 8.30-9.00”, “Answers to business letters – 9.15-10.15”, “Preparation of dinner – 18.40-19.15.” So you will clearly see how real your plan is, and you will be able to control yourself.

3.  Don’t do anything extra in the morning

Forget about washing, preparing fancy breakfasts, cleaning and other things that can distract you. If you need to do something before leaving home, wake up earlier. But don’t forget that in the morning time runs faster. Don’t “get stuck in the bathroom,” do everything quickly. And be sure to have breakfast!

4.  Accept waiting

If the thought of arriving somewhere ahead of the scheduled time scares you, figure out what can be done at this time. Read a magazine or book, call an old friend, or make a list of plans for the next week. Also you can find a like-minded person, learn and practice managing your time on online Ukrainian dating site. Think about what’s interesting and useful can be done in the period of waiting, and you’ll be motivated to arrive at the destination ahead of time and do it.

5.  Get enough sleep

If you sleep less than 8 hours a day, it’s no wonder that in the morning your hand reaches to switch the alarm clock to sleep for at least 10 minutes. These 10 minutes won’t give you more cheerfulness and freshness, but can help you to be late! It’s much wiser to go to bed early. And do it not occasionally, but constantly to accustom your body to a clear schedule.

6.  Know the value of time

A punctual person values his time, knows how to rationalize it, respects himself and, consequently, respects other people.

Failure to follow any time frames indicates that a person doesn’t think about the future, perhaps, has problems with self-esteem. He is threatened not only the loss of business reputation and in some cases money, but also spoiled relations with colleagues and friends. After all, few people will want to lose their valuable time on a chronically tardy person.

7.  Reward yourself

Another way of motivation is to reward yourself. If you haven’t been late for the whole day, allow yourself something pleasant. For example, eat something delicious or go to the cinema to watch a good movie. The system of rewards can be different for everyone.

8.  Feel yourself like an idiot

It’s cruel, but true. At least once sit down and think about how many times you have set people back, derailed important meetings, taken off running over the ice, crept around to your seat in the cinema on the gase of indignant audience. There is nothing good in being late. It’s just disgusting and unworthy of an adult intelligent person, that you, of course, are. Now turn off the computer and leave the house 15 minutes earlier than usual.

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  1. Thank you, i have been struggling with arriving on time at work. I will try these tips. I consider #8 to be a very important one. We need to understand that feeling like an idiot can improve certain things in life. I will try them out and see how it works out.

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