How to Find Designers Who Can Create Great Business Posters

The design of a business poster is just as important as the message it aims to convey. In fact, in most instances, the design influences how the targeted audience understands the message.

Since a business posters’ design is crucial to the success of any poster marketing campaign, it is in your best interests to search for and find a designer who is best suited for your project.

There are thousands of excellent graphic designers working as freelancers online. Not all of them can put together business posters that get results. Poster design is a niche competency. Hiring a generic graphic designer to do your business poster is a mistake you should avoid.

What to Look for in Business Poster Designers

It takes more than good graphic design skills to create a business poster that gets results. As you look for designers, look for the following in your potential hire:

The Technical Skills

The first factor you should put into consideration is whether or not the designer has the technical skills needed to see the project through.

Technical skills are actually very easy to assess. Most freelancing sites allow freelancers to display their work portfolio. They also give freelancers a chance to take tests and display the results of those tests on their profile.

After ascertaining that the designer has the required technical skills, you should evaluate their ability to translate those skills to your situation.

Such an evaluation will probably include you explaining exactly the results you want to get. You should be able to clarify the targeted audience and where you expect the poster to be displayed. From this information, a good designer should be able to have an educated conversation with you on the way forward.


Every aspect of taking a project from the start to its successful completion revolves around being able to communicate seamlessly and effectively with the parties involved in the project.

You will be going back and forth with your designer as you seek to create the best business poster possible. If there is any communication barrier, the project will be a disaster.

Communication barriers of any kind may hamper the success of your poster design project. In the age of political correctness, a language barrier, for instance, may lead to a tone-deaf poster that may result in an unwanted backlash on your business.


It is very likely that the first version of the poster released by the designer won’t be the optimal design. The graphic designer you hire should be willing to do revisions until they get the poster right.

This does not mean that you should expect an unlimited number of revisions from them. If they are any good, they should be able to get the poster right in just a few revisions.

Make it clear to the designer you select that you expect to get revisions in case the first version they deliver doesn’t meet your standards.

Where to Get Business Poster Designers Online

You can find very good freelance designers on the following platforms:


  • UpWork:


Formerly Elance, UpWork offers one of the greatest pools of talent you can find on the net. It is the leading online freelance platform and serves workers and clients from all over the world.

UpWork offers clients several metrics to gauge a freelancer’s reliability and competency. Such metrics include:

  • Number and quality of reviews
  • Number of hours worked
  • Tests taken and passed
  • Portfolio
  • Rising Star status
  • Top-Rated status
  • Average response time
  • Academic qualifications.

All you have to do is create a job posting and allow freelancer to bid on the job. You will then choose one hire from the several proposals you will get.


  • Fiverr


Fiverr is a lot like UpWork except you have to approach the freelancers first and pitch them your job.

Since the designers have their portfolio and reviews of past clients visible from their profiles, choosing a great designer should be easy.


  • was one of the very first online platforms to connect contractors and people looking to hire freelancers.

It has an established pool of talent. You will definitely find a designer who can help you create the business poster you want on the site.

You can find designers by posting a project, a contest, or a local job. If you want a designer from your area, posting a local job is the way to go.


  • Dribble


Dribble is a site dedicated exclusively to designers.

There are lots of creatives on the site and the number is increasing rapidly every month. Right now, there are more than 1.4 million professionals registered on Dribble.

If you are busy and don’t want to facilitate the hiring process yourself, you can reach out to one of Dribble’s account managers to do the hiring for you. The account managers are called Talent Partners.

Having a dedicated Talent Partner is a premium option. You will get dedicated support, work directly with the recruiter, and have access to designers who have already been vetted. You will also have access to Dribble’s exclusive network of candidates and incur no recruitment fees.

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