A Beginner’s Guide to Improving Conversions on Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an invaluable resource to grow your business revenue, but it can be difficult to learn how to get it right.

Follow these tips and experiment until you get it right:

Collect, Collect, Collect.

You work hard to share valuable information with your readers and buyers, so make sure your work is rewarded by collecting email addresses at any opportunity you possibly can.

Do you know how to design the right type of email sign up box?

Email collection is the start of a great and efficient email marketing campaign.  It may seem redundant to say this but common sense isn’t always common practice.

According to statistics, on average, you will get a 21% open rate and a 2% click rate.

Basically, the more subscribers you have to email the better your chance of increasing sales.

But most people are more likely to give you their email address if you offer them value.

Always work to increase volumes whilst adding value, that’s rule number one.

Get The Basics Right

The importance of this really can’t be overstated, and again this should be common knowledge, but when is the last time you checked on these:

Are Your Subject Lines Working?

Content is king, we all know that. But what piques engagement with content?

Online it’s the title of your post. For emails, it’s your subject line.

It has to be interesting enough without resorting to gimmicks and it has to get to the point of the email without giving away your valuable information.

For example, if you’re sending an email about meal prepping, the subject line that says “How to meal prep” is far less intriguing than “The one skill that will help you stick to your meal plan”.

Getting it right can be tricky but if you know how to craft a clever and creative subject line, you will see an increase in open rates and that is exactly what you want.

You cannot sell if people never engage with your content, to urge them to do that, you have to write better subject lines.

What Do Your Newsletters Look Like?

There is a reason models are pretty and cakes look cute.

Aesthetics draw attention across all walks of life; it’s the law of nature.

Keep that in mind when thinking about your email campaign.

Your emails should also be well structured and engaging. That means you have to choose a template that is simple, functional and pretty.

Make sure it works for mobile too; since most emails are opened on mobile responsive newsletters really are the way to go.

Do You Give Them Great Content?

People don’t want to read emails that are stiff and nag them to buy stuff.

So unless you’re a government official conveying official business or a debt collector that is hounding them, your subscribers are not going to take kindly to naggy, unfriendly, or otherwise superfluously uninteresting emails.

Break up a series of sales emails with emails of tutorials and tips or a funny fail email.

Write in a friendly and entertaining tone and give them content that is so great that they simply cannot wait to open your next email.

Pictures, GIFs, and YouTube videos are really easy to add to emails and a fantastic substitute for bulky emails and you can use them to break up a long email series.

Visual content also makes your emails much more engaging and less monotonous.

Besides, if you’re sent a video and an article that says the same thing, which one are you going to choose?

Now that you’ve checked the basics let’s look at a few other things that really help drive up conversions:

Find Your Lost Sheep

Inactive subscribers can make up a big chunk of your overall income, if you can manage to re-engage them, that is.

Polls and surveys are a great way to help readers who have lost interest, fall in love with your brand again.

For example, if you sell beauty products, you can make a survey that helps the reader understand their skin type.

Send an email with the subject line “Do you really know your skin type?”

And when they fill out the survey this will do two things above and beyond re-engaging them:

First, if you give them some great information you will most likely score yourself a brand-loyal customer.

Second, it will help you to further tailor your emails to your subscriber’s personal needs, and this, in turn, will supercharge your conversion rates.

Don’t let the numbers fool you, personal emails sell!

Hit Up Those Abandoners

Cart Abandoners are people who have added things to their shopping cart and didn’t complete the purchase.

They’re not yet customers, nor are they uninterested, they’re just sort of hanging there and you don’t really know what to make of them.

Cart Abandoners are probably uncertain of whether or not to make the purchase or they got distracted (by their boss suddenly returning early from lunch per say?) and in some cases, they lack the means to complete the purchase at that moment in time.

The good news is that these are the easiest sales to win back by doing a few simple things.

First, you can keep those items in their cart aside for them, do mention this in the emails we’re about to discuss.

Set up a series of reminder emails, ranging from an hour after cart abandonment to the end of that month, to remind them of what they left in their cart.

But don’t bombard them.

A smart trick is to add reviews about some of the products in their cart to the email. This will most likely sway them to finalize their purchase.

And finally, if they’re really not taking the bait, then add an attractive discount.

Remember, they want these products, but what they need is for you to convince them to buy it.

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