7 Snoring Solutions to Restore Your Sleep and Well-Being

Not only can snoring keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, but it can also cause you to be less productive and have negative physical effects. The good thing is that there are some things you can do to try and stop this snoring. Keep reading to read 7 of these tips!

1.  Snoring Devices

The first thing you can do is use one of the many snoring devices available. The two main types of devices are snoring pillowsand mouthpieces. When talking about the pillows, there are a few different options. The basic ones are a one size fits all, while the more advanced ones can be more customized to you. The same goes for mouthpieces. The more advanced ones can conform to your exact bite. This means that it will fit better than one that doesn’t have this and will probably help you stop snoring better.



Avoid Alcohol Before Bed


When you drink a lot of alcohol before bed, your throat muscles will be relaxed when you fall asleep. This can lead to more vibrations in the throat, which leads to snoring. In addition, it can interfere with breathing, which is another big cause of snoring. Both of these things can cause more issues, so the best thing is to just not drink. If you feel like you want to drink, try to stop a few hours before bed.



Try Sleeping on Your Side


When you sleep on your back, your tongue can fall backwards. This will restrict the amount of air you’re getting and lead you to snore. If you can, try and sleep on your side. If you’re one of those people that can start on your side, but end up on your back, there are a few things you can do. For starters, try putting a pillow in front of you and behind you. This will help keep you in the same position all night. The other thing you can do is sew a tennis ball, or something else hard, into the back of your shirt. When you go to roll on your back, your body will feel it and go back to your side.



Avoid Sleeping Pills


You can also try avoiding sleeping pills. These are the same as alcohol. They relax you to the point that breathing can be restricted and the throat can be relaxed. If you have to be one these types of medications, try and start out at the lowest dose you can. This will help ensure that you aren’t going into a really deep sleep and you won’t be as relaxed as you would if you were taking a higher dose of the medicine.



Establish a Sleeping Routine


Establishing a sleep routine and sleeping patterns will help you get more rest and not go into too deep of a sleep as a result of exhaustion. You want to make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time every day. You also want to limit or completely eliminate naps during the day because they can throw off your sleep schedule.



Be Mindful of What You Eat


Try not to eat large meals before bed. The reason is because the food can’t be digested like normal and your full stomach will push up on the organs above it. This can lead to snoring because everything is all squished together. If you feel hungry, try and eat a small snack so you don’t have this issue.



Lose Weight


Finally, you can try losing weight. When you’re overweight, all the extra fat will push on your organs and squish everything. In addition, being overweight could cause you to have a bigger neck, which puts more strain on your throat.


If you’ve tried all of these and they haven’t worked, you might need to talk to your doctor because it could be something medical going on. If you’ve had success with these or other solutions, comment below!

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