Important Visa Tips for Visiting India

You might be planning for long to visit India as the cultures and traditions stories have fascinated you, and you are eager to see them and stay around them. Some countries are still carrying their culture and tradition along with them as the world is progressing towards a newera of technology. Their customs bound manypeople and follow them religiously. Indian customs and rituals are evolving, and hence at every 20 km of distance,you may come across a new custom and ritual. The Indian deity and the temples associated to them have been the talk of the townamong the foreigners. The Indian mythological stories and the related facts havecaptured the mind and attention of millions of people of the world, so that is why every year lakhs of people from worldwide travels to India. Many people travel because of their business meet or conference or for their personal business work. Many foreigners have opted for studies and thus on a student visa,they study in India and becomes the part of Indian Education System. Indian cultures are very influential, and thus the governmentof India istaking all measures to make their guest’s journey safe and enjoyable.

Few Tips for related to Indian Tourist Visa

  • Due to the reciprocalrelationship between India and Nepal and Bhutan, for these two countries, there is no requirement for a visafor everyone else it is a must. Time has gone where you wait for getting avisaonce you arrive. The governmentwanted to improve the Tourism of India, so now they have started a service online for providing E-Tourist Visa.
  • Once you got the E-Tourist Visa, you will be required to make an entryin India through the airports listed by the governmentof India.
  • There is a certainrequirement of Indian Visa
  • As per the Indian Tourist Visa, the visitors are allowed to stay for 30 days in India. This condition applies tocitizens of the followingregion
    • European region like Germany, Russia, etc.
    • Asian region like Japan, Singapore, Philippines etc.
    • Other countries like New Zealand, USA, and Australia, etc.
    • Rest you can check the list issued from Indian Government
  • You can facilitate the Indian E-visa process through the government site. It is very simple and easy to process, and an individual can very easily process it.
  • You need to pay the processing fee once the process for visa application is finished. The visa fee varies as per the country. So, you need to take a glance at the government issued list, and you have to make the payment accordingly.
  • The minimum time taken forprocessing is four days just before you arrive in the country.
  • You are required to prepare your documents byscanning your passport details, passport size photos with white background.
  • If your country name is not onthe list, then you need to apply for India Visa through the online application process followed by Interview. This visa is not the E-visa. You have to follow the followingsteps for applying for normal India Visa,
  • You need to visit the government website and require filling all necessary information
  • There is a requirement for photos for visa application. You have to follow them. The background should be white. Your photo size should not be more than 2 x 2 inches.
  • Once your online visa application is processed, you will be called for Interview in Indian Embassy.
  • Details with respect to your Interviewslike Date and time will be informed through email.
  • Once Interview is finished, at least three business days will be needed.
  • The documents to be submitted for Visa Application should be prepared accurately like
  • The validity ofa passportshould at least be of 6 months. There should be blank pages for immigration officer’s stamping.
  • Printoutsof your arrival and departure airline tickets.
  • It is not mandatory but can be useful forsome time totry to get the print out for your hotel booking. Make sure you have the confirmed booking.

There is a variation in the Visa processing for Normal and Electronic Visa so read the Instructions carefully. Some information should be known in prior like the E-visa can be obtained for two times a row in a year whereas the normal visa is applicable for six months only after the date of issuing and during that time; you are only allowed to stay for three months. It is recommended to not apply to early. The fee for a normal visa is varied country-wise so before processing the payment, take a double check.


India is an incredible country to be visited, and the Indian visa is incredibly a smooth process which has made the journey enjoyable and fruitful.

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