Tips to Find an Affordable Assisted Living Facility

When seniors are unable to take care of themselves, putting them up in an assisted living center may be a perfect option. This is because they will enjoy living with other elderly people and will have all their everyday tasks taken care of. However, you should ensure that you get a facility that you can pay for with ease. Here are tips to help you find the most affordable facility for your loved one.

Research and plan

It is important for you and your loved one to assess the different facilities that you are considering before looking at the cost. Make sure that you get on the waiting list of your preferred centers early. This is because you may not get the right community if you keep delaying until the last minute. Most communities will give priority to individuals who applied for residence first.

Go for facilities in other locations

Just like homes, the cost of assisted living will vary greatly depending on the location. If the place you are considering is good but too expensive for you, then you can reconsider facilities in other areas. You may be surprised to get cheaper facilities out of the state, but closer to all your family members. Facilities in suburbs and remote areas may also be affordable, and this is why you should consider looking for centers that are outside your location.

 Get the best facility the first time

Moving your parents or elderly relatives through several facilities until you get what you want will end up costing you more money. Instead of helplessly hopping from one community to another, it is best that you visit several facilities and check them out before making a decision. When you get the best Milwaukee senior housing facility the first time, there will be no need of wasting money to move your loved ones.

Consider Shared Rooms

In most assisted living centers, sharing rooms can drastically cut the costs by almost 50%. Before you make a decision to pay for a single individual room, you should compare the costs of both individual and shared rooms. Ensure that you discuss with your loved ones to determine whether they are open to this. If your loved one prefers individual rooms, then you should keep searching for a more affordable option.

Price flexibility

Most assisted living communities will have official prices. However, they are usually flexible. This is because these facilities struggle to maintain a high occupancy rate, and will offer discounts and incentives to encourage families to consider their communities. Some of the incentives offered include waiving the entry fee, rent freezes, and discounting rent. Therefore, you should inquire about these discounts to find an affordable facility for your loved one.

Finding the right and affordable assisted living facility for your loved ones can be quite a challenge. You can make the process easier by consulting a senior living advisor. These professionals know the pricing of every community within their nationwide network of senior care facilities. Therefore, they can easily match your budget to the right community. Furthermore, these professionals work with licensed communities and will carry out violation audits of their partner communities to ensure that they are referring trusted options.


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