The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Teen Girl

Teenage is a confusing and trying time for the child and the parents alike. Peer pressure, increasing load of education, new friends and new responsibilities can be overwhelming for your teenage daughter. Just like the prettiest flower that blooms out of all adversities, she is thriving with raw talent and interest in a plethora of fields. The high energy, high levels of enthusiasm and availability of talent makes teenage the best time for anyone to explore new hobbies and try new activities.

It is 2018, and finally, the world seems ready to accept that a teenager might want something more than glittery shoes and pretty makeup. It is the time for empowerment, and there is no better way to say that to your teenage girl than by giving them a gift they will love.

For 13 to 14-year-olds

They are not yet out of their childhood, and they have just started to explore adolescence. Gifts for teen girls should be something that is reminiscent of the mischievous child in them, but it should also encourage them to spread their wings. One of the most daunting tasks little-women of this age face is lingerie shopping. You can make it easier by gifting them a set of super soft bralettes in cotton and lace that they can wear under t-shirts as well as under see-through summer jackets. Encourage them to take a step forward towards fitness. Gift them pair of sneakers and a pair of track pants complete with a health monitor they can use during their morning run.

For the 15 to 16-year-olds

When your daughter is about 15 or 16, they are almost women. They need something that is sophisticated yet useful in their daily lives. It can be something as cool as innovative phone covers, cases cum stands, a portable power bank and speaker combo or a pair of headphones that perfectly match with their favorite outfit. If she loves outdoors and sports, you can go all out on this one and get her a GoPro ideal for novice users. You can also pick between a hoverboard and wholly equipped thermostable tent for hiking. These are perfect gifts that can urge her to step out of her current comfort zone and explore more to find her true calling.

For 17 and 18-year-olds

17 and 18-year-old girls are practically women. They will be off to college in a year if they are not taking early classes already. You should be very careful while picking gifts for them since they already have a strong sense of like and dislike. Moreover, you want to contribute something value-adding to their collection. If your daughter is stoked about starting college soon, you can kindle her dream by starting off her “off to college” collection. Start with a simple storage box for her bed, closet organizers, portable wardrobes, space-saving bedside attachments, a cool trolley suitcase for her clothes, a smart duffel bag, LED lamps for her room, shower caddies and laundry hampers. That sounds mundane right now, but they will be indispensable once your little angel starts college in a couple of weeks!

Picking gifts are not easy, and it should not be. Each item you pick shows how much you listen to her needs and how much you care.

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