11 Unique Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones With Cremated Ashes

When your loved one is cremated, there’s many things you can do with their ashes, that mean they don’t just sit in an urn on the shelf. Find out what you can do with their ashes, below.

In the past 60 or so years, cremation has become an increasingly popular option for the departed. Their human form turned into ashes to be given to their loved ones to scatter. However, scattering ashes isn’t the only thing to do with cremated remains. There’s so many different and interesting things you can do with them. We spoke to S. Stibbards & Sons, a funeral directors in Eastwood and Essex, about what individuals can do with cremated remains.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of different things that can be done, with ashes. Whilst death is a difficult time for those closest to the deceased, once cremated, the ashes can be turned into something that will help keep the memory of them alive in physical form. Here are things to do with cremated ashes.

  1. Tattoo Ink

Once you’ve received your cremated ashes, you could turn them into tattoo ink for your next piece of body art. With tattoos rising in popularity, the ultimate symbolic way to keep a piece of your loved one with you (literally). You can request for your tattoo artist to sprinkle part of the ashes, into the tattoo ink.  Then, their body art creation will embody the memory of your loved one, in something visible.

  1. Reef

Scattering ashes into the ocean is popular amongst sea lovers and sailors alike, however, some companies can turn ashes into a concrete reef. These man-made reefs are placed on the sea floor and become a habitat for ocean dwelling creatures. Reefs are not only homes for wildlife but provide them with protection too. As a final gesture of good-will, these reefs help rebuild an ecosystem, providing wildlife with somewhere to live.

  1. Send them to Space

Maybe your loved one had a particular fascination with the stars and space, well, there are companies that will launch your ashes into the stratosphere and further. Yes, cremated ashes can become a part of the galaxy, being sent into space to be amongst the moon, stars and solar system.

  1. Fireworks

To help them go out with a bang, you can place your loved one’s ashes into a firework. This is a beautiful, alternative way of scattering ashes, into the sky. The winds of the Earth will carry your loved one’s ashes, spreading them across the land. It’s a fantastic sentiment and could be the perfect way to say goodbye. If you want your loved one to be scattered great distances, consider placing their ashes into fireworks.

  1. Vinyl

For the music lovers, there’s a way to press cremated ashes into vinyl. You simply supply the song, album and cover art (and ashes) to a company, who in turn, make a memorial vinyl for you to listen to. Maybe you can turn the ashes into your loved one’s favourite song or album? It can be one of the best ways to have a physical embodiment of cherished memories with your loved one.

  1. Jewellery

Cremated ashes can be turned into jewellery, blown glass or even stained glass. All of these can provide you with a beautiful object to embody the memory of your loved one. Carrying a piece of them around with you always in the form of some bling.

  1. Plant Them

If you want a place you can visit and remember someone, whilst helping the environment, consider planting your loved one’s ashes with a tree or plant. The ashes will help the plant grow and flourish, and you’ll have a place to visit too. More trees planted means the planet is greener, so this can be a beautiful final gesture for future generations.

  1. Toys

If you want to be able to hug your loved one, you can have their ashes placed into a cuddly toy. There are companies that will place ashes into cuddly toys, as well as attach voice recordings too (of your loved one speaking) so you can hear their voice as you hug them.

  1. Bury

For those that didn’t opt for burial, and wanted cremation, but still want a headstone or place to visit, you can always bury your loved one’s remains. Many cemeteries will allow you to bury cremated ashes accompanied with a head stone, so you have a place to visit.

  1. Store (in an Urn)

As most people do, your loved one’s ashes can be stored in an urn in your home. There are so many beautiful urns that can house the ashes and help you think of your loved one when you look at them.

  1. Scatter

Finally, you can scatter ashes by hand, in a location you think your loved one wishes to be laid to rest. It’s very common to want to scatter ashes, however, you must seek permission if you’re doing so in a public space.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, but when the hardest part is over, you can do something special to honour the memory of them. Above are just a few of many things you could do, and all of these are suited to different people. Think about what your loved one would want and how you can honour their memory.

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