How to Avoid Injuries When Exercising

As we age the body does change but this does not mean we should skip the gym. The problem is most people do not actually know much about how to avoid injuries as they work out. Fortunately, there are various things that can be done.

We are not talking about injuries you get when you are in a car accident. In this case you need help from something like the Noll Law Office in Springfield, IL. We are referring to injuries that happen as you work out and how they can be avoided.

Ease Into The Exercises

When you do way too much and you do it way too soon there is a huge possibility you will get hurt. Warming up the muscles is one of the most important things you have to do when you want to exercise. This raises temperature before being faced with stress. As an example, if you want to go for a jog, you want to start everything by walking. If you are to play tennis, you want to jog for some courts, then do a few jumping jacks.

Don’t Forget About Squatting

One of the best exercises you can do in order to maintain the strength of your lower-back and legs is the squat. It also helps prevent injury. Make sure that your feet are at shoulder-distance and keep your back straight as you are squatting. The thighs should be almost parallel when compared to the ground. Be sure that you rise slowly. Doing around 20 squats will help prevent injury much more than you would imagine.

Don’t Forget About Your Core

Your core muscles are much more important for your body than what you might imagine. They are connected to all the other muscles in one way or another. If your core is not sturdy, even walking can end up straining your body more than it should. There are many different exercises that build core strength. The one that is often recommended as being the best is the plank.

Don’t Forget about Your Achilles Tendon

These are much more common than you might think, especially among people that are older and runners. As we age, the connective tissue ends up losing elasticity. The Achilles has to be stretched and you need to be sure that both legs are properly taken care of.

Nutrition Is Important

When we think about exercising and how to avoid injuries, we rarely think about nutrition. However, what we eat is important because our body needs fuel in order to work out and recover. A big problem that leads to injury is not recovering properly after exercising. Working out without the fuel the body needs is not something that you want to do.

Speaking about nutrition, one thing you might want to take into account is drinking chocolate milk. The idea is to consume protein right after you work out. This is especially necessary when you are older. Protein can be combined with carbs in order to help muscles recover even faster. Plain milk is useful if you want to lose weight.