Can Dashcams Help You After a Car Accident?

The incredibly funny and stupid videos we see on video from car-mounted dashcams are priceless. That has led us to believe that most dashboard cameras are only good for recording goofy moments and posting them online for likes or upvotes. When car owners and drivers started installing dashcams, their first goal wasn’t recording funny fails and circulating them online. They wanted to guarantee the safety of their vehicle 24/7 while on the road and in the parking lot.

Why should you consider getting a dashboard camera for your car?

A dashboard-mounted camera can record as you drive. It can record the pedestrian who is jaywalking on the road, and it can record the car tailgating you since the previous signal. It is not wrong to think of it as a GoPro for your car. Depending on its storage capacity, resolution and power source, it can cost between $50 and $150. Which dashcam you pick for the safety of your car will depend upon your immediate need and your budget. For example – some of them record details only as long as the car engine is on. They see and record whatever you see as a driver. Multiple models record sound and some of them come with night vision to record in parking mode. Dashcams with GPS features and time-stamps are especially helpful for Ubers, Lyft cars, and car rentals since they can protect the interest of the chauffeur and the rider alike. Check out the Spycentre’s dash cameras for the latest features that can aid you in safe driving.

Installing the right dashcam can help you save in the future

Dashcams are the perfect protection from insurance frauds. Across the world, car owners rely on high-resolution, time-stamped video recordings of cars cutting them off and people jumping in front of the vehicle to eliminate the hassle of lawsuits and compensations. Sadly, US insurance companies do not offer discounts on monthly or yearly premiums depending on the status of your dashcam installation. However, most insurance companies accept dashcam footage as reasonable proof of your innocence during a mishap. For this to be true, you need to ensure that the footage is clean. You do not need an HDR-quality video, but the faces or at least the landmarks near the vicinity should be recognizable. That is why courts and insurance companies prefer dashboard cameras that use time-stamps, date stamps, and geo-tags.

A good dashcam should guarantee your safety

Be very cautious if you are choosing a cheaper model to save a few bucks. In most cases, the graininess of footage prevents the insurance adjuster and the law officials from seeing the finer details. In most cases, the video shows something happening, but the unidirectional view precludes the exploration of why it happened. In addition to safety, many dash cams provide parking functions that assist the driver to parallel park. Some of them have dual camera units that record the interior of the vehicle as well. That feature is especially useful for late-night cabbies and Uber owners. Whether you are a safe driver, an experienced car owner or the proprietor of a rental business, you need a dashcam to stay safe from fraudulent insurance claims.

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