Time To Bust Some Common Myths Revolving Around Roofing Industry

A roof is your home’s first protective shield against rain, sunlight, hail, wind and snow. Unfortunately, this is always the last thing that homeowners can think of. Moreover, what they think they know about roof always turns out to be nothing but myths, which keep passing around from generations and friends. Some homeowners may end up purchasing one or maximum two new roofs in their entire lifespan.

Making any kind of poor decision can easily be an important part of home and can often lead to common issues like unnecessary higher energy bills, moisture problems or even any structural damage. Keeping that point in mind, it is important to head towards roofers in Salt Lake City to learn a bit more about the common myths going around and taking some steps against it to unleash the truth.

Myth 1: Placing new roofing materials just on top of the current roofing system:

You will come across multiple building codes, which will say that it is acceptable to place new roofing materials right on top of the old one, without even removing any bit or piece. The real truth is unless you get the chance to remove old shingles, you won’t be able to examine condition of the sheathing materials underneath. It means the new roofing materials might experience the same damage like the old one with passing time.

The shingles have a layer of wooden sheathing under it. This sheath is mainly of OSB plywood sheets. This sheath can end up rotting due to leaks and inadequate ventilation in the attic, or only because of age. The best way to inspect this layer is by stripping away old shingles.

Myth 2: Too much of insulation is always good:

Unfortunately, this is not the exact story. People always have this misconception of adding too much insulation for better result. The truth is somewhat different. You actually don’t need that hefty amount of insulation as you might think. On the other hand, adding too much can often lead to blocking your present roof ventilation. This step, in turn, can trap moisture, leading to some warping or rotting of the roof’s wooden parts and other sections.

Myth 3: Gutters have no relationship with roofing:

Many people believe that gutters have nothing to do with roofing Salt Lake Cityand this system is completely separated from roof. But the reality has something else to say. Treating these items separately from roofers is nothing but a mistake. These items generally work together for keeping water out and maintain the healthy quotient of otherwise complex drainage systems. Maintaining the gutters regularly can help in protecting roof well.

Myth 4: Roofs will last forever and you can work on roof replacement on your own:

These two are some of the biggest misconceptions people can have about a roof. Whoever thinks that a roof will last forever should think again! Nothing, not even a solid piece of metallic or slate roof, is going to last forever in this world. Even if the manufacturers guarantee you with a lifelong survival rate, you have to change it once in few years’ time for maintaining your safety. You might have the most durable shingles, tiles or even slate but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain or replace the items. For that, you need help from reliable contractors right now. These roofers will visit your place and see if you have time for replacement or repair.

Now, the next misconception is that you can replace the roof on your own. Well, yes you can but only if you hold the position of a trained and experienced roofer. Otherwise, following all the rules properly and then replacing old roof is an ordeal on its own. Roofing is always a tough job, which involves multiple procedures to be followed in step by step order. The consequences of any lackluster job can prove to be quite a fatal experience anytime for your roof and even for those living inside the house.

Myth 5: Replacement service takes time and you should try repair roof on your own:

No, roof replacement won’t take much time if you already called expertsfor help. If not, chances are high that you have to invest more time in replacing or repairing your roof than it should have been originally. If you have the weather just by your side, the roofing professionals can cover the entire task within a day or two, depending on the areas to cover and condition of roofing. So the next time you are looking for emergency roofing help, you know what to do! Just give professionals a call for help.

Another myth is people believing that they can repair the roof on their own. Repairing, on the other hand, it quite costly. People trying to go for the lower costing might end up facing difficulty in future even before they know it. Even the cheap repair services won’t work. So, it is often better to just invest in replacement by procuring help from experts and enjoy peace of mind. You will be pretty sure that your roof will last for a long time with little bit of maintenance from your side, from time to time.

Myth 6: Thinking that you cannot work on preliminary assessment yourself to determine if you need complete roof replacement or you can procure results with only a simple repair:

Sometimes, roofing contractors might present you with worse diagnosis than what is needed. It might sound unfortunate and some people can be the victim of such worst scenarios. They will check your roof first and present an estimation covering an entirely new roof. Yes, the truth is you just need a basic repair only. Just to protect yourself from such dreadful scenario, it is always wise to work on preliminary roof check yourself.

  • You have to work on that even before calling any roofers Salt Lake City for help. Some of the clear and common signs of damaged roofs are cracked paint, ceiling stains and discolored or peeled drywalls. In case you have any internal damage, the areas to check for leaks on roof are skylights, roof vents, and flashings around chimney, plumbing pipes, dormer sides and valleys.
  • You need to check for loose materials in these areas. Also you can look for signs of some long term wear on roof. If you have any crack or hole in such areas, avoid making any quick assumption for changing old roof to new one.
  • Furthermore, you have to check for cracks and holes to see if the materials are looking weathered and worn out. If the answer is yes, it is probably for long term damage to roofing elements. In case it is not, any recent accident might have caused this crack or hole. The rest parts of the roof might be okay and a simple repair can solve your issue with ease.
  • You must check for the shingles if they are missing. Moreover, you have to check whether these shingles are still flexible when bent. In case those are flexible, it is a sign that your shingles still have some lives left in them.
  • So, if you ever notice any shingle buckling, curling or blistering, it means you are in need of a new roof. Furthermore, you have to inspect eaves troughs for excessive shingle granules. This is a major sign of long term wear. It can further be sign of reduced protection level against UV rays.

Myth 7: All roofing elements are same:

Yes, people might have this concept in mind but it is actually not the truth. The plain fact is that roofing materials have some sub-standard options too. These services are mainly offered to some unsuspecting homeowners at quite lower rates. This might seem to be a great bargain, but actually it is not. That extra risk of premature wear or even the potential repairing needs and increased risk of water based damages are not quite worthy enough to be covered by minor costs.

  • Moreover, there are multiple products involved for repairing or replacing a roof that homeowners hardly have any idea of. Two of those major products in this regard are metal flashing used on roof and underlayment.
  • Some roofers can save quite some bucks by tidy sum of money by cutting corners. That means they are using some basic materials on roof. It might result in some extra income for the roofers, but a negative implication on the roofs of homeowners. But, there are some other reliable companies which cannot work in this manner. So they don’t have options to cut corners on any roofing job.
  • Each customer, under these companies, will receive best quality roofing service. This is not going to add up much to overall price, frankly speaking. But, what is priceless over here is the peace of mind for company and customers.

These are few of the many myths revolving around the roofing world. You can log online at www.prcroofingpro.com to bust these myths now for enjoying better results.

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