Top 3 Sites to Get Your Credit Score for Free

Keeping a check on your credit report is essential! It safeguards your identity. Have you been mulling on this idea? If yes, there are ways to obtain both free credit score and credit report. Just join hands with a credit monitoring service provider and sign-up for a free trial. And before a fee gets charged, make sure you call off the trial offer. The other way is to use the free credit report sites. These sites always don’t provide complete reports. However, you can access several useful credit tools.

The Leading Free Credit Report Websites to Opt-in For

Where can I get my credit score for free?Have you been asking yourself this question for some time now? If yes, then browse the best credit report sites and calculate your credit score. However, know that all sites will not remain free always. Some sites offer free service within a trial period. These sites are beneficial. But you must realize that revenue generation is the ultimate objective of these sites as well.

Quizzle and Credit Karma partners with the three big credit-reporting agencies, namely TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The goal of these agencies is to procure the information you need and exchange it for a credit report free of cost. This way they can provide you with specialized offers in the days to come.

However, be careful about the following:

  • Credit report sites provide you the access to data found on a selected report of the concerned credit reporting agency.
  • They have complete and safe access to your financial data. So, you will receive product notifications designed for your economic status.

FICO score is standard with all free credit report sites. About 90% lenders use FICO score to know your creditworthiness. Want to manage your FICO score? If yes, you can sign-up with myFICO that handles identity theft as well.

Selecting a free credit score and report site is tough? Discussed below are three leading websites that are all set to gain more popularity in 2018.

  1. IdentityForce

 As a highly reputed free credit report site, IdentityForce enjoys excellent customer service ratings. It provides you with a 30-day free trial program for UltraSecure+Credit and UltraSecure services. You have the chance to cancel the Identity Force subscription way before your free trial ends. Else you can choose between the two services at $20 and $13 approximately, every month, respectively.

The UltraSecure plan provides credit monitoring solutions. UltraSecure+Credit is priced steep. It enables subscribers to see their credit reports. IdentityForce delivers compact alerting and monitoring choices at a cost-effective fee.

  1. IdentityGuard

Identity Guard is an excellent identity theft security and credit monitoring service provider. The company provides a comprehensive 30-day free trial offer. You can cancel out the subscription before your free trial period finished. Alternatively, you can also choose from a host of plans, charging anything between $10 and $25 approximately. The fee depends on the service levels you require.

This company provides a free trial for only 30 days. And it will need your credit card details at the time of signing-up. You are accountable to call off the service before your free trial period is over. Else your service will carry on. And you will have to pay an amount based on the terms you’ve agreed on whilst signing up. Hence, ensure you read the fine print in details. This will save you from any unwanted surprises. The features of the free-trial comprise of the following:

  • In-depth analysis highlighting the factors that affect your credit
  • Three credit scores along with credit report updates from three bureaus
  • Customer service that’s unlimited and toll-free
  • Three bureau credit management along with prompt email notifications
  • Lost wallet security
  • Insurance covering $1 million identity theft
  • Alerts for account takeovers
  • Alerts for address changes
  • Monitoring service for public records
  1. com

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) specifies that U.S residents might have a free copy of their credit reports annually. The credit reports get sourced from all the three famous credit reporting companies, i.e., TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. It is the only authorized site that fills orders for the free yearly credit reports.

Go ahead and leverage this benefit! If you want to pay up for a more specialized credit monitoring solution, which provides reports on a monthly basis from the three credit reporting agencies, select Identity Guard. You will have access to the report copies. Request for online delivery via email or phone. You will receive it within 15 days.  And if you wish to get your credit score as well, you must pay an $8 fee.

Address personal finance management with precision and clarity. Here you should know your credit score. The sites providing free credit reports and scores make the task easy. However, selecting one from a sea of famous names is tough. You can start learning more about these three free credit score sites and choose the one that caters to your requirement.

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