3 Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Whether you want that perfect look in the morning before heading to your workplace, or your personal preference, you must pick out a razor for a clean shave. You may get a clean shave if you have soft, smooth skin. However, if you have a rough, stiff, and a thick beard, you will need to shave daily for clean and tidy look. You may opt for a cartridge or safety razor. Then, if you want to take your shaving experience to the next level, you must try a straight razor that you have seen the big, bad guys using in the movies. A straight razor is not that hazardous to use, as many people think. Rather, it gives you a neat shave if you know how to use the product. Before you make a buying decision, here are the top three benefits of using a straight razor:

No Burns and Bumps

If you look at the standard razor cartridges available in your local store, they boast of multiple blades. Now, this is not always beneficial. If you pass a multi-blade product over your face repeatedly, your skin will turn dry and result in razor burns, irritations, and ingrown hairs. On the other hand, when you use a straight razor with a single blade, you can shave with fewer passes, reducing skin irritations, bumps, and burns. It also makes your skin feel smoother than before. Safety and cartridge razors fail to cut your facial hair smoothly, tearing and tugging at your skin, causing burns and irritations. This is the reason why you must choose a straight razor kit. The product gives you a smooth shave with a single pass without hurting your skin.

Closest Shave

A straight razor gives you the closest shave unlike the over-the-counter products flooding the market. The sharp and single edge of a straight razor offers maximum contact with your skin. It leaves no stray hair patches like the ordinary razors available in the market. A straight razor will cut your hair smooth and too close to your skin. A cartridge razor may require you to shave daily because the shave is not perfect and close. You will notice the stubble growing after a day or two. A straight razor will give you the closest shave, thus helping you to stay clean-shaven for a long time.

Easy on Your Wallet

Straight razors come at the best price that you can afford. Yes, it may cost you 200 dollars or more, if you want it with a complete kit including the best-quality shaving brush and strop. However, the cost is nothing compared to cartridge razor blades. A straight razor with all accessories will cost you a little more but will last longer than cartridge or safety razors. You may need to sharpen a straight razor a couple of times in a year, but the product will last longer than safety or cartridge razors. Do your math and you will know why straight razors are easy on your wallet.


Straight razors are affordable, offer a clean shave, and thus give you the clean, smart look. It will make you feel manly. Get a satisfying shave and impress your girlfriends with a masculine look. These razors are safe and environment-friendly too.

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